SACRAMENTO (CBS SF) — A state senator from the Central Valley is being credited with saving a woman from being crushed by a falling tree limb.

When driver Tracy Courtney saw state Sen. Andy Vidak (R-Hanford) standing in the middle of the street frantically waving his arms, she had no idea why, according to KCRA-TV.

Seconds later she heard a loud crack, and a huge Sycamore tree limb came crashing down on her windshield, crushing the front end of her car. Had it not been for Vidak’s warning, it could have come through the glass and likely killed

Vidak told KCRA he knew the limb was coming down because he’d heard a crack as he walked by the tree a half mile from the Capitol. That’s when he got in the street and started trying to traffic away.

Vidak believes there was some divine intervention that allowed him to save the woman’s life. “I walked that direction for a reason I guess,” Vidak told KCRA. “God put me on that path and put me in that direction and I heard it.”

Courtney said she will be forever thankful and said she’s lucky to be alive.



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