FREMONT (KPIX 5) — The city of Fremont expects to see an economic boost because of Tesla’s new Model 3 electric car.

Tesla said Thursday that 325,000 have placed orders for the car, which will sell at an average prices of $42,000. Tesla will make the cars at its Fremont factory.

“For every one advanced manufacturing job, 2.2 other jobs are created in the community so as Tesla grows, the suppliers and everything around them will continue to grow,” Fremont Mayor Bill Harrison told KPIX. “ And we’re real excited to see that for Tesla.”

Fremont residents are equally excited about the Model 3. “That is definitely something someone would desire to buy, for sure,” said Fremont resident Bankaj Shukle.

In 2010, General Motors shuttered the former New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI) plant, a joint venture between GM and Toyota, leaving 4,700 people without work.

Tesla took over the facility in October of that year, and since then has created 5,000 jobs.

Harrison said it is too early to know how many more jobs the Model 3 production will create in the city. Since taking over the plant, Tesla has already become Fremont’s largest employer.