OAKLAND (CBS SF) – It’s the cherry that tops Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry’s now signature pre-game warm-up routine.

A shot from the tunnel as he is exiting the court, heading to the Warriors lockerroom. It’s not always guaranteed to go in, but when it does, it’s a real show stopper.

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“(Former Warrior) Monte Ellis used to do like a backward flip shot every once and a while from the tunnel,” Curry said. “I don’t know how often he made it. I saw him do it a couple times.”

So Curry thought he’d try his own version and soon it caught the attention of a Warriors executive’s son.

“We used to have a bet,” he said. “Before every game I’d get 5 shots from the tunnel. We kept track throughout the season.”

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The pre-game routine also caught the eye of long-time Oracle Arena security guard Curtis Jones who soon joined in.

“Curtis asked why I was shooting it,” Curry said. “He decided to touch the ball to put a little mojo in it. So I threw it to him and he threw it back to me…Now he’s become more sophisticated with it. He get his own ball, hides it under the bench. I can’t shoot (the shot) with any other ball.”

“It’s got to be the one he hides. He does a little shimmy with it and tosses to me with a little underhanded flip. He enjoys the whole process.”

As for the original bet, Curry says it was a little costly.

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“I think I paid for a couple summer vacations (for the executive’s son) at one point,” he said with a chuckle.