By Hayden Wright

(RADIO.COM) – Mike Rowe is the host of television’s Dirty Jobs, which doesn’t qualify him as an expert on rock stars. According to a story he told on Facebook, it’s clear that while he may know the difference between mud, grime and mold, he doesn’t know the difference between different members of Metallica. While dining outdoors, James Hetfield (of Metallica, duh) struck up a conversation with him.

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Eagle-eyed Hetfield noticed Rowe and immediately recognized him from television—he went on to compliment Rowe’s work and thank him for his skilled trade advocacy. That’s when things got accidentally patronizing:

Rowe: So what do you do around here?

Hetfield: I play in a local band.

Rowe: Cool! I love local bands. What kind of music?

Hetfield: Rock and Roll.

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Rowe: Nice. What do you call yourselves?

Hetfield: Metallica.

Rowe: Oh my God. Of course. You’re Lars Ulrich. Forgive me. I heard you lived around here. What a pleasure to meet you.

“Large Tattooed Man”: Actually, my name is James.

Read Rowe’s full retelling here:

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