By Juliette Goodrich

PITTSBURG (CBS SF) — Police in the East Bay will be expanding their crime-fighting command center now that additional cameras are set to be installed along Hwy 4 in response to the recent rash of freeway shootings.

KPIX 5 got a look inside the Pittsburgh Police Department where authorities monitor all of their cameras. The department already has more than 100 camera set up throughout the city

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Police can also access the cameras from their smartphones. Now they have the green light to deploy 10 more cameras along Hwy 4.

Pittsburg police and the CHP said they have already stepped up patrols along Hwy 4 after the recent rash of freeway shootings.

The Pittsburg City Council voted Monday night to take on a project to address the flurry of East Bay highway violence by installing a new surveillance system along a stretch of the state highway.

“The locations will be really close to the freeway, explained Pittsburg Police Captain Ron Raman. We can identify the color of the car and model of the car and maybe even the license plates.”

The most recent shooting happened Monday right in the middle of rush hour. Last week’s highway shooting killed a mother of four.

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The gunman responsible in that shooting is still on the loose.

Police admit the cameras can’t capture everything on the highway, but say they will be able to get crucial information to help in an investigation.

“We won’t be able to cover the entire freeway with cameras, but we will place them strategically and will cover all entrances and exits within city limits,” said Raman.

The additional cameras cost a $100,000 and will come out of the police departments funds Pittsburg Police Chief Brian Addington is hoping other cities will install cameras down the road.

“We think there is a time urgency to get these cameras up,” said Addington. “And even more important is that the more people know there are cameras …. We want to prevent these shootings in the first place.

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The police department is working with a contractor to get the cameras up and running. They hope to have them purchased within the next several days installed in the next two months.

Juliette Goodrich