KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Alamo Square Park in San Francisco is closed through the end of the year, disappointing tourists—but giving locals an opportunity to re-forest the hill where they and their children and dogs play.

The renovation started last week, and will last all year.

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Tourists have been straining to take photos over the six-foot-tall chainlink fence.

“I’ve been taking photos all over; I do it as a hobby.  You can’t not take a photo of the show I grew up watching, it’s the opening scene,” Jamie Panico from New York said. He was talking of course about the opening scene to Full House, which featured the famous Painted Ladies Victorian homes at the southeast corner of the park.

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Some tourists hoping to see the park traveled halfway around the world.

“I’ve been to the Parthenon five times, and it always has scaffolding,” an Australian tourist told KCBS.

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The Alamo Square Neighborhood Association is trying to make lemonade out of the lemony situation by raising money to plant new trees. Donors have already given $15,000 since fences went up last week. The goal is $50,000, which the association plans to match.