KCBS_740 SAN JOSE (KCBS) — Volunteers at a San Jose based international charity are still celebrating Wednesday night’s big Jeopardy win by Louie C.K.

The comedian is donating all of his winnings to the little known Fistula Foundation.

Louis beat two journalists from the Washington Post, and CNN to win $50,000 for the charity.

“The Fistula Foundation is a group of people who help women in poor countries who’ve been injured in childbirth,” Louis said on the show.

“My heart melted really when he said, basically the reason I’m here is to win for them,” Kate Grant, CEO of the foundation told KCBS.

Visit the Fistula Foundation’s Website

Grant said the money will help pay for many corrective surgeries for women in Africa and Asia.

She said Fistula, which has been eradicated in the Western World, still plagues women in the poorest countries with incontinence.

The comedian’s win sent so many visitors to the foundation’s website that it crashed Wednesday night.


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