CONCORD (CBS SF) — An East Bay woman who installed an artificial lawn to save water during the drought had an unpleasant surprise over the weekend when the new turf was ripped right out of her yard.

The Concord resident, who only gave her name as Sandy, had her artificial turf lawn taken early Sunday morning.

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Her neighbor first to spot the gravel yard.

“She said ‘What’s wrong, didn’t you like your grass?’ I said, ‘I love my grass,'” explained Sandy. “She said, ‘Well, it’s gone.’ I said, ‘What !?'”

It’s been said thieves will take  anything that’s  not nailed down. But in this case, it was nailed down.

Sandy thought her artificial turf was the wisest solution during the drought.

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“We have been here since 1972,” said Sandy. “I’ve had to put in 4 to 5 lawns, so we decided to go with artificial.”

Jim Patterson is manager of the Brick Yard Building Material in Concord. He says AstroTurf or rather synthetic turf as he calls it is a hot property. It is expensive and not easy to steal.

“It couldn’t be taken up easily,” said Patterson. “You are going to have to tear and rip something to do that.”

Sandy has a security alarm system set up and is now going to install cameras outside her home.

Until then, she’s parking her car on the lawn they didn’t take so it won’t happen again.

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Police said it will cost Sandy between $1,300-$1,500 to replace the lawn that was stolen.