CONCORD (KCBS) — A group of beekeepers in the East Bay are mounting a campaign to alleviate fears, and get people to stop killing bees after a swarm left two dogs dead in Concord.

The May 13th attack by bees from backyard hives also led to two people being hospitalized.

President of the Mount Diablo Beekeepers Association Judy Weatherly said the attack has led to a spike in calls from the public.

“We’ve had members say that people at their gyms are afraid and coming up to them and being really worried, and people going out on swarm calls where people are just really panicked,” Weatherly said.

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Weatherly said their ‘Bee Not Afraid’ campaign reminds the public that the Concord attack was an isolated incident that did not involve Africanized, or ‘killer bees’ as originally thought, but European honey bees.

The campaign involved sending out fliers, among other outreach.

“They’re gonna be swarming, you might see them in the sky. They’re really at their calmest state at that point. The bees in Concord weren’t swarming. That was some kind of accident that occurred,” Weatherly told KCBS.

Weatherly said the all –volunteer association comprised of about 400 members can help anyone interested in swarm removal.


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