SACRAMENTO (KCBS) – Lawmakers are pointing to Sunday’s massacre at a LGBT nightclub in Orlando as the reason to close a number of what they call “loopholes” in California’s gun laws.

Some of the proposals set to go before the State Senate on Tuesday are more than just tweaks in the current law. One allows mental health experts to get restraining orders to keep high-risk people from getting guns. Another stops so called straw purchases or when someone buys a gun for someone else.

Marin Assemblyman Marc Levine wants to eliminate so-called “bullet buttons,” which use a bullet or tool to detach and reload a magazine.

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Levine said it’s hard not to look like opportunists in the days after a tragedy but this is when progress gets made.

“What we have seen has created even greater cynicism,” Levine told KCBS.  “Tragedy after tragedy, politicians across our country have done nothing. And California has an opportunity to lead now.”

Another bill up for a vote bans the sale of gun parts that can easily be put back together. Four Assembly members are gathering at the State building in San Francisco Monday morning to push for passage. The lawmakers be joined by LGBT leaders who are committing to a safe Pride celebration this month.