RODEO (CBS SF) — New details were surfacing Tuesday about the ties Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen’s wife has to the Bay Area and the legal trouble she might be facing in connection with the massacre.

All that has been seen of Mateen’s wife Noor Salman since the mass shooting were images of her hiding under a hoodie and leaving the Orlando home where the couple and their three-year-old son lived together. Now, she may face criminal charges.

KPIX 5 reporter Emily Turner attempted to speak with a number of possible relatives who still live in Rodeo, but had no luck.

Neighbors who live near the Rodeo home where she grew up told KPIX 5 she is one of three daughters and never expected her to be a part of anything like this.

“Everybody is shocked. Everybody is shocked that happened,” said neighborhood resident Radinar Chahal.

On Tuesday, sources said Noor Salman admitted to investigators she knew about the attack and tried to convince her husband not to do it.

Salman has been interrogated by the FBI twice and taken a polygraph test, but law enforcement won’t say whether she’s being cooperative.

“She is nice, very nice,” said Chahal.

She grew up in the Bay Area and attended John Sweet High School, according to neighbors. She still has family, including her mother, in Rodeo. None of her family members have been home these last few days.

Neighbors said Noor hasn’t been home in more than a year.

“When they were married, I don’t think he allowed her to come home,” said neighbor Simretchahao Charles. “Not sure why. He just didn’t allow her to do it.”

KPIX 5 has learned that Salman was previously married prior to her union with Mateen. Records show she was married in Contra Costa County several years ago, but that marriage ended in 2009.

Salman also graduated from the now defunct Heald College in Concord.

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