OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Protesters gathered outside the Oakland Police Department headquarters Friday in response to allegations that officers from several Bay Area agencies took part in the sexual exploitation of an underage girl.

Protesters climbed poles outside the police department to hang a banner that read: “OPD Guilty Of Human Trafficking & Statutory Rape #opdguiltyascharged.”

Other protesters donned white clothing with red hand prints to symbolize their belief that police officers who knew about the alleged sex scandal and did nothing, are also at fault.

They carried a sign that read: “We have the right to know their names,” referring to the three Oakland police officers who have been placed on administrative leave and the two officers who have resigned since the allegations surfaced.

Other signs read: “If you knew, your hands are bloody too” and “Jail Predator Police”.

A group named the Anti Police-Terror Project organized the protest and said in a statement Friday that they have demands, which include the release of the names of implicated officers, the firing of officers who were aware of the incident but did not act and the inclusion of the community in appointing the next city’s Chief of Police.

Officers with the Oakland Police Department allegedly had sexual relations with a prostitute who goes by the name Celeste Guap.

Guap, the daughter of a police dispatcher, told KPIX 5 that three of the sexual relations with Oakland police officers occurred while she was a minor.

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Guap told KPIX 5 that she had sexual relations with 31 former or current members of San Francisco Bay law enforcement agencies: 14 officers with the Oakland Police Department, five officers with the Richmond Police Department, four deputies with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, three deputies with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department, three officers with the San Francisco Police Department, one officer with the Livermore Police Department and one officer with the Stockton Police Department.

The scandal first came to light when the Oakland Police Department’s internal affairs division was investigating the death by suicide of Officer Brendan O’Brien last September and the death by suicide of his wife in 2014.

Guap allegedly met O’Brien while running away from a pimp on Oakland’s International Boulevard and began a sexual relationship with him and others in the Oakland Police Department. She told CBS San Francisco that the officers gave her heads up on prostitution stings.

Since the sexual misconduct investigation began, the Oakland Police Department has launched five investigations into five of its officers. Three of those officers have been placed on leave and two of those officers have resigned.

Oakland police Chief Sean Whent announced his resignation last Thursday, but no connection between his departure and the sex scandal was made explicit.

A group of Richmond police officers are also being investigated, according to Richmond police Capt. Bisa French said.

Guap posted to Facebook that was questioned at the Richmond Police Department for almost 12 hours on Tuesday.

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Tuesday that one of its deputies was placed on administrative leave on Monday as part of the growing scandal.

An inspector in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office was placed on administrative leave on Wednesday, but Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly said four deputies from his agency had been cleared of any wrongdoing in the case after an internal investigation.

San Francisco police spokesperson Sgt. Michael Andraychak told CBS San Francisco, “We are aware of the investigation and are conducting a review to determine if any of our members had any inappropriate contact with the victim.”

By Hannah Albarazi – Follow her on Twitter: @hannahalbarazi.

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