OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Got $50,000?

Sunday night’s NBA Finals Game 7 is not only the hottest ticket in town, it has set a new record.

“Turns out that’s the highest price paid for a seat in the history of StubHub,” says company spokesperson Johnna Hoff.

That’s for any game, in any stadium in any city, anytime this century. And someone actually bought TWO courtside seats at that price!

What else could you get with that kind of money? How about a 2014 Porshe Targa — radio, heater, vinyl roof, vinyl floor covers, optional disc deck, 4 point condensers, factory air, tinted windows, all for the low, low price, of $100,000.

“What we hear from fans is it’s so much more about the experience than what they pay,” says Hoff. “This has the potential to be an historic game.”

It is considered by many to be the biggest game EVER in the Bay Area. And they’re paying for it.

Screenshot of tickets to Game 7 for sale on Warriors.com. (CBS)

Screenshot of tickets to Game 7 for sale on Warriors.com. (CBS)

“One guy has tickets posted for $214,000 each,” says Golden State Warriors spokesperson Brandon Schneider. “I don’t know if anyone is going to buy that, but I have seen that.”

Those tickets were for sale on Warriors.com. The lowest are going for $747. But beware. There are a lot of bogus tickets out there.

“We see about 40 to 50 fraudulent tickets per game,” says Schneider. “Tickets that don’t scan.”

If you are lucky enough to score tickets don’t post pictures of them on social media. Scammers have copied bar codes, made a fake ticket and use it to get into the game.

No word yet as to who bought those $50,000 tickets.

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