GILROY (KPIX 5) — Gloria Allred is taking on a Bay Area school district, again.

Allred is claiming that a teacher abused students, and says the situation is worse than ever.

“He catfished over 500 young boys and that has nothing to do with what he did in the classroom,” Allred said during a press conference Wednesday.

Problems continue to pile up for Gilroy schools because of what parents and students say a teacher did in and outside of his classroom

Earlier this year Celeste Benn’s daughter filed suit saying her chemistry teacher, Douglas Le sent her dirty text messages.

Le was also accused of catfishing – using a fake name, posing as a woman, in an effort to get young boys to send naked pictures of themselves.

“What he yelled at these kids is so graphic I’m not going to say it in public. And neither is she” “Not to mention the behavior,” Attorney John Manley said.

The lawsuit claims Mr. Le verbally abused students and talked dirty about their mothers.

Gilroy schools did not respond to this latest lawsuit,

Le wasn’t fired after the first complaint two years ago.  He was arrested earlier this year for that catfishing charge.

The lawsuit asks that Gilroy schools act faster in future cases, and seeks monetary damages for the alleged victims.