BERKELEY (CBS SF) —  A violent protest outside the state capitol has lead to a security scare at a Berkeley Middle School.

Someone threatened violence at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School after a teacher took part in a counter protest against a neo-Nazi group.

Yvette Felarca was among several people wounded.

She’s an organizer with the group, By Any Means Necessary. Felarca told the media that she was proud of everyone who disrupted the rally.

“We will not accept or allow racist genocide organizing to take place on the front steps of the Capitol of California,” she said.

But this morning the middle school where Felarca teaches received an email that said the school should fire Felarca or there might be violence.

Mark Coplan with the Berkeley Unified School District said, “We’re just taking every precaution and you know the police will be patrolling our other schools, likewise, just to have a presence.”

In addition to extra police patrols, as a precaution, two summer programs were also moved from the school.