KCBS_740 RICHMOND (KCBS) — The oldest ranger in the National Park Service returned to work Tuesday in Richmond for the first time since she was beaten and robbed at her home.

94-year-old Betty Soskin returned to the Rosie the Riveter Visitor Center in Richmond two weeks after a home-invasion robbery that left her with bruises. At her home she still sleeps with the light on.

“The intruder did take away that feeling of being safe, and I don’t know how long it will be before that comes back. But, it will come back,” Soskin told KCBS.

Ms. Soskin, who is centered and calm when she speaks, believes she’ll overcome some of the emotional trauma she suffered during that harrowing ordeal.

“I know the effects of the panic I’m feeling was because of what’s happened, not what’s going to happen. So, I’m not fearful of my future,” she said.

Soskin was light hearted enough to quip that the intruder probably didn’t know he had been struggling with a 94-year-old woman.