By Juliette Goodrich

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) — The warriors’ fan who says he was pushed over a 50-foot railing at oracle arena during a playoff game got out of the hospital and onto the road to recovery.

Sal Bimbo has been in the hospital since Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

His family has been by his side after numerous surgeries.

One month later, Sal is up and walking.

But, after oral surgery on his broken jaw, it was hard for him to talk.

“I have dental appointments and follow ups,” Sal said when asked when he would be able to return home.

Today, Sal said he remembers certain moments from that night. He knows there was a fight between Warriors fans and Cavs fans, and he somehow got caught in the middle – before being thrown over a 50 foot railing near section 220.

Police are still investigating and talking to witnesses.

“We don’t have video, all we have of now are have witnesses – still waiting for what happened on that upper level,” Sal’s lawyer Alex Lemieux said.

Sal says he is looking forward to going home soon to see his wife and two children—he just doesn’t know how soon that will be.


Juliette Goodrich