KCBS_740 MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS) — This is the pits.

Cherry trees along Castro Street in downtown Mountain View are dying, and have to be chopped down.

The trees on the median in front of city hall have been around since 1990.

“Because of the restrictions, and not being able to give the trees water that they need, that’s why we’ve been losing them,” Parks Manager Bruce Hurlburt told KCBS.

A total of 20 trees have to be cut down.

“We have a history of chopping down trees. They took out all the trees on the main street here twenty years ago or so. Everything was just gone, and the city was in an uproar. We need the trees for the shade, and it keeps things cooler,” one Mountain View resident said.

The city hasn’t decided if anything will be planted in place of the cherry trees.




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