KENWOOD (CBS SF) — A pair of earthquakes with a magnitude above 3.0 struck the North Bay Monday afternoon, the USGS reported.

The first quake struck shortly after 4:30 p.m. at a depth of about 6 miles below the earth’s surface. That earthquake had a magnitude of 3.3.

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Around 5:35, a magnitude 3.0 quake struck near American Canyon at a depth of nearly 8 miles below the earth’s surface.

Deeper quakes are less noticeable while a shallow quake–in the 0 to 40 mile depth range–can feel much stronger than their actual reported magnitude. Quakes just below the earth’s surface, in the 0 to 10 miles range, can cause even more damage at lower magnitudes.

No damage or injuries were immediately reported, and no further details were immediately available.

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