SAN MATEO (CBS SF) — A San Mateo woman has pulled off quite an achievement. With hard work and discipline, she lost 350 pounds through diet and exercise, and without surgery.

It took Jacqueline Adan four and half years to drop the weight. She said was inspired to change her life after getting stuck in a turnstile at Disneyland.

At her heaviest, the preschool teacher weighed more than 500 pounds.

Adan was left with 30 pounds of extra skin, which is being removed through multiple surgeries.

After years of shame and hiding, she’s documenting it all on social media, to be an inspiration to others.

“I’m not going to try to justify myself to anyone,” Adan said. “This is me. This is who I am. This is my journey. I’m living my life the best way I know how, taking care of myself. And that’s all I need to do.”

Health insurance typically does not cover skin removal and to help pay the $50,000 bill for the surgery, Adan has started a crowdfunding page here.


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