EMERYVILLE (CBS SF) — A woman with a history of mental illness was subdued and detained after she was spotted walking through IKEA with a fake gun in her waistband.

Emeryville officers responded to a call around 4:35 p.m. Tuesday from the store’s security personnel.

When they arrived, they found the woman in the parking garage in the 4400 block of Shellmound Street, shouting incoherently. The handle of a gun was clearly visible in her pants and well within her reach.

Officers were able to safely subdue the woman and recover the gun without injury.

“The female continued yelling about killing people and the police as officers were detaining her,” said Sergeant Fred Dauer and Chief Jennifer Tejada in a statement.

“The officers that responded showed great restraint and patience while defusing this dangerous and potentially deadly situation.”

The gun was later identified as a replica of a Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistol.

The woman was sent to an area hospital for a mental health evaluation.