KCBS_740 WARSAW, Poland (KCBS) — Explorers in Poland Tuesday have resumed searching for a legendary Nazi train laden with treasure and armaments, dissuaded by decades of fruitless searches and a scientific determination that no train is even there.

The new dig that started in southeastern Poland attests to the power of a local legend claiming a Nazi gold train disappeared in a mountain tunnel as the Germans escaped the advancing Soviet army at the end of World War II.

Two explorers claimed last year to have located the elusive train.

Washington Post Foreign Affairs Reporter Rick Noack has been following the developments and told KCBS they really don’t know what’s down there.

“The researchers say that for now they can’t say what’s on that train. They say they claim to have found a train,” Noack said.

One Polish government official initially said he was “99 percent sure” the train was there, but geological experts using magnetic equipment, so far, found no train on the spot.

“I’m sure there are a lot of critics and skeptics, and at this point the authorities in Poland, they are one of those,” Noack said.


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