by Juliette Goodrich

MORAGA (KPIX) — In Moraga, there’s a lot of discourse about a disc course — a Frisbee golf course in Moraga Commons Park, that is.

Moraga Parks and Recreation department is proposing some changes to the course, specifically to the baskets and T-pads.

“Rather than a couple hours of labor to move some bushes, we’re gonna spend hundreds of dollars and probably a couple hundred man-hours moving T-pads and baskets? It really makes no sense to me,” avid disc-golfer Corey Kohler complained to KPIX.

Frisbee golf could become an Olympic sport one day and disc devotees like Kohler love the Moraga course because it is so challenging. Trees and other obstacles are part of the appeal.

“That’s part of the sport, is basically the strategy to get your disc to go around trees to get to the basket,” explained Glenn Murray, a Moraga resident and disc golfer.

“(Parks and Rec) want to redesign them and move them to the open. At disc golf we don’t want anything in the open — it’s like the equivalent of having a basketball court installed without any hoops,” Kohler said. “Who is going to show up and throw? Nobody,” he added.

A group of about 20 Frisbee fans showed up at a recent city council meeting to let them know they want to be part of any changes made to the course — a course that has been in Moraga for 35 years.

But they mainly want things to stay the same.

“This is a beautiful course. It was designed by Ed Headrick — the person who designed the Frisbee — and we’d like to keep his legacy alive,” said Murray.

This dedicated group of disc golfers says they’ll be at the September city council meeting to discuss any redesigns.

After all, like golf — though you hate to get stuck in a sand trap — a challenging course keeps you coming back for more.


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