LAKE SHASTA (CBS SF) – Two boys were having a great time going for a swim at Lake Shasta, but then two otters entered the equation. Despite their sweet reputations, the otters turned ugly.

“There was just one that kept attacking us, no matter what we did,” said Chris Whitney.

Chris said he and his friend swam as fast as they could to get away, but the otters kept biting their legs and feet.

The experience only lasted a few minutes, but Chris said it felt like forever.

Ryan Whitney, Chris’ father, said he was quite surprised to hear that otters went on the attack. At the hospital, employees joked about the creatures acting like monsters.

“I was actually kind of laughing like…what the heck is going on? I’ve never heard of that happening before,” Ryan Whitney said.

The two boys received rabies shots at the hospital.

  1. John J Kelly says:

    The otters did not invade the boy’ home, the boys were the intruders.
    EZ John