By Da Lin

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Police say would-be robbers went after people several times in a span of a few hours in an Oakland neighborhood that’s seen it before.

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. But in this case, it was the same street corner, the same family, and almost the same result.

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The latest attack happened on Saturday afternoon. The suspect car drove by and saw the victim parking her Mercedes SUV.

The suspects pulled around. Two men in the back seats jumped out and tried to rob the driver, but the doors were locked and the suspects took off.

It was on a dead end street and the suspects almost hit a car trying to get out.

Nelson Luesse lives next door to the victim and his surveillance camera caught both attacks against the victim.

Luesse said his neighbor was very scared and that her two-year-old daughter was in the back seat at the time of the attempted robbery.

Last year, after the family parked the SUV, two men snatched the 82-year-old grandmother’s purse. She chased after them, only to be dragged and thrown to the ground.

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Oakland police say these are two different groups. Neighbors say the guys from last year are in jail.

Police said these men are linked to three separate attempted robberies, all with the same modus operandi, around the same time, and in the same area.

Oakland police say the people they detained on Saturday may be connected to other robberies in recent weeks.

Thanks to the video, detectives found the car and detained two people but they’re still looking for a third person.

“Stay out of Oakland if you’re going to rob people because we’re not going to put up with it anymore,” Luesse said.

Oakland police say robbers are casing people who are either parking their cars or getting out of their cars. They’re also targeting high-end cars.

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Police are reminding drivers to be extremely alert when they park.