SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – A bill to require breathalyzers be installed in cars driven by DUI offenders who want their licenses back is now on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk.

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SB1046 by State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo was passed unanimously by the State Senate 39-0 on Thursday. On Tuesday, the Assembly approved the bill by a vote of 79-0.

Hill told KCBS the goal of his bill is simple. “This will keep drunk drivers off the road,” he said.

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There is some leeway for first-time DUI offenders who didn’t cause any injuries. In those cases, a judge could decide whether a device would be warranted.

But for any subsequent offenses, the legislation requires an ignition interlock device would be mandatory, although the length of time it would remain on the vehicle would vary from one to three years.

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If Brown signs the law, it would take effect in 2019.