SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) — Pedestrians along a portion of a busy San Jose street, which lost a much-needed crosswalk after it was re-paved, are confused over the addition of crossing signs even though there is still no crosswalk.

When crews repaved Foxworthy Avenue, neighbors were unhappy to lose a long-established cross walk that connected two shopping centers near Meridian Avenue.

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Old crosswalk paint is still visible on the edges of the street.

But what’s making neighbors upset even more are two confusing and potentially dangerous road signs with the pedestrian crossing symbol that the city installed where the crosswalk once was.

Elizabeth Pauly, a longtime neighbor, says it’s a mixed message.”I think it’s ridiculous,” Pauly said.  “If there’s a sign that says cross walk, you should be able to cross in a safe zone area and not have to worry about getting run over.”

Now, instead of pedestrians crossing in one place, they’re jaywalking in several places to get to a Grocery Outlet, two gyms, a bank and several fast food places in the Hacienda Shopping Center.

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“It’s dangerous,” said Luis Arroyo who also lives in the area. “They should either put the lines there or take out the sign.”

San Jose’s transportation department says the crosswalk was removed because it did not meet the city’s guidelines for a mid-block cross walk.   Low pedestrian numbers and gaps in traffic were two reasons cited.

But that traffic study was done six years ago, when the Grocery Outlet building was vacant and foot traffic in the area was lighter.

City Councilmember Don Rocha, who’s district includes Foxworthy Avenue, said he would look into the situation.  “We’re telling people not to cross here, yet we have those pedestrian signs.  It is a mixed message, I agree.”

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