SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — In a letter to San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York and the National Football League Monday, the San Francisco Police Officers Association slammed quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his comments about the behavior of police officers in his defense for sitting during the national anthem.

On Sunday, Kaepernick met with reporters and explained why he was taking his stand.

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“There is police brutality — people of color have been targeted by police,” he said. “That’s a large part of it. They (the police officers) are government officials. They are put in place by the government so that’s something that the country has to change. There are things we can do to hold them more accountable. Make those standards higher…You have people who practice law, lawyers, who go to school for 8 years, but you can be a cop in 6 months. You don’t have to do the same amount of training as a cosmetologist. I mean someone with a curling iron has more education and training than people who have a gun. That’s insane.”

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In its letter to the 49ers and the NFL, the SFPOA said it “will not stand by while he (Kaepernick) attacks police officers in this country with statement such as ‘people are on paid leave while people of color are killed.'”

The organization said Kaepernick’s comments show the quarterback has “an incredible lack of knowledge regarding our profession and officer-involved shootings, but also shows a naivety and total lack of sensitivity towards police officers.”

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The SFPOA asked the NFL and the 49ers to “separate” themselves from the comments.

“While the SFPOA acknowledges Mr. Kaepernick’s right to speak his point of view and we stand by this right, we also recognize your organization’s ability to denounce his foolish statements and separate yourself from his actions,” the letter read.


Both the 49ers and the NFL have issued statements saying players are not required to stand for the national anthem.

The SFPOA closed the letter by offering Kaepernick, any member of the 49ers or the NFL the opportunity to come and spend time at the police academy to get a first-hand idea of the training of a police officer.


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  1. This is also not that surprising, since this is the same PD that regularly used racial slurs and were caught, and investigated, for such text messages.

    1. suibne says:

      no wonder you are stuck in san fran. Pretty sure you will never need a cop arencha sparky? Or are you sure they will do their job regardless of your stupidity?

    2. Jim G says:

      So whole PD bad b/c of text messages? That’s one big stereotype. You must be the racial god.

    3. Jack Crowe says:

      You are an embarrassment to Hispanics. I don’t know why you take the side of a BIRACIAL MILLIONAIRE who could give two shiets about ghetto blacks (since this is his plight) and then expect others to treat Latinos fairly? Hispanics and Blacks (except this biracial moron raised by white mommy) have different issues and you know it!

    4. Mahakala says:

      And yet Kaepernick was fined by the NFL for calling another player the “N” word. Lenin had a name for people like you. Useful Idiot.

    5. Bob Roberton says:

      You are an ignorant anti-cop bigot and a fool. And I’m sure you have also made offhand racial remarks, so you’re also a hypocrite.

    6. jayesouthworth says:

      What do you think of the DNC calling Mexicans “Taco Bowls?” Going after Bernie Sanders and him not being “Jewish” enough. You’re fine with that?

      Boycott the 49’ers. Don’t buy tickets to their games, don’t watch them on TV, don’t buy anything from their sponsors. Hit them in the pocketbook. That’s my plan along with my friends.

    7. art says:

      Should we perhaps name him Colon instead of Colin. It is fitting

    8. Hao De says:

      citizens and police all should view the s.f. thug the same as the “matter” “demonstrators”. as the ones that have shouted to “burn out” citizens and murder policemen.

    9. Rick Charles says:

      The police should let it be known they will not “protect” those players. As for you mannie, I hope they’re too late getting to your murder scene.

  2. Tanya Cma says:

    The SFPOA should be more concerned with what Donald Trumps says than what Colin Kaepernick does.

    1. Hector says:

      Please be more specific regarding “What Donald Trump says.” I’m curious to hear what you have to say.
      Oh, and just to make sure I understand what you wrote: What people say is more important than what people do, right?
      A person can commit murder; but God in Heaven, don’t call them a bad name, right? It may hurt their feelings, right? And that is bad, right?
      You, my friend, need to get your priorities straight…

    2. Lisa Richard says:

      I agree. This football player is not running in the race to become POTUS. Trump is, however. Trump has said some awful things.

      1. Juan Wayne says:

        Like what? Please explain your ignorance .

      2. Since you’ve gone there…Hillary Clinton has done some awful things….lying to the Benghazi victims’ parents, lying about her emails, putting our national security in jeopardy, and the optics of corruption when it come to her Foundation…but that will soon be investigated.

      3. Someonesomewhere says:

        Athletes are expected to carry themselves with dignity and respect. He has embarrassed our great nation and is a ROLE MODEL for our children. No child should behave as he has or should watch his team play if he is still on it.

      4. jayesouthworth says:

        I like everything Trump says and I will be voting for him. I’d rather vote for someone who tells it like it is than for a woman who is a liar who can’t be trusted. She has too much blood on her hands.

      5. jmbreland says:

        Been more than 6 hours. I guess Lisa can’t think of anything “awful” that Trump said. Oh well.

    3. Bob Roberton says:

      What in the hell are you talking about? You’re one dumb broad.

    4. Ron Dye says:

      I guess you never have heard what Donald Trump has actually said, just what you’ve been told by the biased media. Your comment makes you appear a fool.

    5. Wrenchman says:

      While Nancy Pelosi gets a pass from people like you? Partisanship sure is a funny thing….

    6. Honest John says:

      I hope so… He hasn’t said anything slanderous about any blacks / latinos / asians / white people because of their race – he’s NOT a typical Democrat racist after all where EVERYTHING is framed in a racial context. The evil Trump says he wants to make America great again – great fo everyone, NOT an affirmative action pander to get your vote. I know – the reality makes NO difference to you – congrats you will get what you deserve with Hillary – the most corrupt and incompetent POTUS candidate in my long life time.

  3. Benny says:

    After every officer involved shooting that I have read about, the officer involved is always reported as being on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated. So, where was Coin wrong with what he said? And the bottom line is this is America and everyone has a right to say what they want, and the right to be right or wrong on an issue. I take no position on what he said since it was factually correct but I do acknowledge that he has every right to say it and should in no way be compelled to stand for the anthem.

    1. Bob says:

      …and people who are proud of this country and proud of our police officers have every right to boycott Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers and the NFL. The facts simply don’t support this fool’s positions, and Roger Godell would be wise to step in and issue an apology to the men and women who put their lives on the line and protect us.

    2. Lisa Richard says:

      Because people have a problem with the truth. I think the truth is most important. Every one is name calling like five yr. olds but I haven’t heard or seen anybody (including the officer in this article) except you actually, point out facts. Let’s argue about everything except the fact people of color have always been treated unequally in this country and police have killed unarmed people and kept their jobs.

    3. FrankieD says:

      By implying that a cop being placed on paid leave after a shooting as a standard practice is somehow unjust or wrong just shows how ignorant Kap is about the legal and personnel practices. But I guess that when you were being accused of sexual assault in Miami, you should have had your pay docked for the time they investigated it and cleared you? Punk a$$ moron.

  4. Kaepernick is a fool says:

    He is a punk who has benefited greatly from being somewhat decent at a sport. I am glad that his talent has failed to live up to expectations. Maybe he is just practicing sitting on the bench during the anthem, since that is where he will be during the games. Punk

  5. Gary Johns says:

    Doesn’t it help to MAKE the team before you announce your protest….?

  6. Not a lack of knowledge just plain stupidity

  7. DL2525 says:

    Hopefully one of the officers shoots this idiot.

  8. Gary Johns says:

    How many times has this sissy millionaire mongrel had his a s s kicked by the police….? ZERO….

  9. Gary Johns says:

    Give this looser a ticket to Johnny Manziel’s next party…..

  10. Tim Voth says:

    What a stupid spoiled azzface.I hope he gets shot by Cops

  11. pierre says:

    Stop protecting him, and let him be robbed, then he’ll know who’s robbing him.

  12. zedanski says:

    Looks like Kap would know about curling irons and cosmetics.

  13. bot1 says:

    The Harvard Study showed that Blacks were killed by police at a lower percentage than whites.
    Kaepernick has been listening (and believing) Obama and his DOJ. This shows the evil promoted by the Democrats in Washington D.C.

  14. Eileen says:

    The NFL needs to fire him!

  15. If I was a member of the SFPD, I’d definitely find a way to not work any patrols in and around the stadium on game days – let the good people of SF fend for themselves. Sadly, he good folks of the Bay Area probably think Colin is “right on” and hate the police themselves. Sad.

  16. dlmstl says:

    “Peter Principle’ QB that had the a ‘window’ of good fortune with great coaching on a good team. It did not take long for opponents to figure out how to neutralize his limited skill set. He’s now back up material at best. Without this latest tirade, he could have parlayed what’s left into a couple more years of clipboard status and a $10M to $15M payout. Any team that takes him on is a glutton for punishment.

  17. Juan Wayne says:


    1. Lisa Richard says:

      LOL! Not true. We don’t even make up enough of the population for that to be even remotely true.

      1. Juan Wayne says:

        Damn! Another affirmative action, quotas and lower standards beneficiary!

        Blacks commit approx. 52% of all murders in the USA.
        Hispanics commit approx. 33% of all murders in the USA.

        Other crime statistics (rape, burglary, assault) are similar, freaking get informed!

  18. James Bailey says:

    Who care what happens at the police academy? The actions that matter are what the cops do after they’re trained, given the oath of office, and given their badges to behave like thugs and criminals rather than to serve and protect. Sure their job is a tough one. It’s supposed to be. That’s why they’re trained and tested to be sure they are right for the job.

  19. Gary Arpon says:

    Nothing but a STUNT ed attempt to avoid being cut. 49ers are too PC to risk cutting him, so they will pay him to sit!

  20. tony says says:

    Football players used to be tough, no nonsense guys. Kappy is no Matt Millen.

  21. No surprises here. He’s certainly within his rights to say what he wants, and to ‘protest’ as he sees fit within the law, such as not standing for the national anthem. But just as politicians and officials and public figures have to bear the consequences when they say offensive, ignorant and racist things, so will Colin. His blanket statements about police officers is wrong, it’s offensive, and it’s as worthy of condemnation as ignorant racist statements.

    1. Tanya says:

      Americans are expected to carry themselves with dignity and respect. You people with negative comments about someone’s freedom of speech are an embarrassment to our great nation and you are not “role models” for your own children. Your main goal in life is to teach them to oppress others for your own gain. Of course the hate and ignorance persists.due to your inferiority complex –
      “Unconscious feelings of insignificance and insecurity hidden by excessively aggressive or other compensatory behavior.”

  22. Lee says:

    Maybe if “people of color” would stop doing so many crimes, they wouldn’t be getting targeted so much, hee hee!

  23. Dave Allen says:

    I hear the 49er are sponcering a flag burning in the parking lot during the National Anthem.
    It’s nice to see the NFL and 49ers are so progressive.

    1. Dj says:

      The 49ers are now the OFFICIAL team of the illegal alien. The invaders have dumped oakland and picked up the ‘9ers. When you hear about so many fights in the stands at Levi… you now know why.

  24. Someonesomewhere says:

    People that play football, don’t have to have a brain and make as much as CEO’s of huge companies that employ thousands of people. That’s insane.

    1. Lee says:

      You raise a valid point. Makes even less sense than the cosmetologist training vs. police training thing. Unfortunately there’s no end in sight to the insanity of the overpaid athletes until Americans stop buying the tickets and merchandise so these idiots can eat high off the hog.

  25. maxovrdriv says:

    When he does it at work in their uniform, I can only assume the 49ers are OK with what he has to say! this is not on his own time, he is at work.

  26. Jay Rinard says:

    What an ignorant ass he is. Let’s keep it in perspective…

    Black males aged 15-34 are only 3% of the total US population.

    According to 2012 FBI crime statistics, this 3% is responsible for:

    54.9% of all Robbery

    49.4% of all Murders

    34.1% of all Aggravated Assaults

    32.5% of Forcible Rapes

  27. thought i heard my baby crying, turns out it was just sfpd

  28. Lee says:

    The NFL and and the 49ers stand by him on free speech grounds, but do they realize that burning the flag is also protected speech? At what point do you draw the line? As far as I’m concerned, not standing for the anthem as is expected of you is equivalent to burning the flag.

  29. joe smith says:

    I don’t like cops, but they are a necessary evil doing a thankless job. If you don’t like cops, don’t elect Democrats. This guy is a spoiled brat raised by some Liberals. Hopefully we read about him being found face down in a gutter surrounded by his brains.

  30. Jimmy Wong says:

    Kaepernick is worse! He is stereotyping.

  31. artichoke says:

    Well this guy is going to keep sitting down until the country is changed to his satisfaction. Seems to me the right thing to do is ignore him and, because of his disrespect to law enforcement, urge SF not to re-sign him next year. Then we won’t have to watch him during the national anthem any more.

  32. Dj says:

    Turn kapernick into a running back. Run him every play until his career is over.

  33. Russ says:

    My god what happened to the hunk he use to be? He looks a little “crazy” now. Dude cut the hair. I’d run from you in a ally not because you’re half black but because you look like a lunatic !!!!

  34. Balanced Integer says:

    Kaepernick is just trying to stir up some publicity for himself. At best, he is a backup QB for the 49ers. More likely, he is on the bubble to be cut, his NFL career in jeopardy. Flash-in-the-pan athletes like him are a dime a dozen, so he needs a little controversy to stand out for his next job.

  35. CVN-76 says:

    When people like Kaepernick point a lazy finger in the general direction of police officers and use the word “murderer”, do they not have any obligation to say who they are talking about? Who got away with murder, Colin? It’s a little like someone saying NFL players are wife beaters, only much, much worse. And does the reporter involved not have any obligation to ask a follow-up question? Like, I dunno, say, “who are you talking about?” I think most athletes are knuckleheads, and I don’t really have a problem with it, but when you decide to stick your finger in the eye of the country that’s made you a gahzillionaire, you should at least be asked to back-up what you’re saying.

  36. Jose Jimenez says:

    Barack Hussein Obama Mmm Mmm Mmm……era.

  37. Gilchrist says:

    Black child abandoned and raised by loving White couple, but claims USA is racist place. An idiot like this can make millions and millions, so what is his problem?

  38. Dan Kreutzer says:

    SF blue boys- it’s free speech, 1st amendment. Police yourselves. Quit protecting killer cops.

  39. Lingam says:

    What if they held an NFL game and nobody came?

  40. slothb77 says:

    When Kaepernick plays on Sundays, it is police officers stationed at stadiums protecting him. They are stationed at entrances, they are stationed on the field. Most of the private security the stadiums employ are current or former police officers. They are putting their lives on the line to protect these football players for a fraction of what these footballs players make while they play a game for millions of dollars.

  41. choppersicballs says:

    he’s not half black…………………he’s FULL-ON…………….un-American.

  42. Kaepernick has learned that negativity will command much more attention than ‘positivity’.

    He oughta know.

    Saving the Bye, he stinks up the stadium every NFL week.

  43. kcsparky says:

    Alright……ENOUGH!! When are the real facts going to be said????? Police officer related shootings of Black Americans is only 10% – 12% of the total number of Black Americans who are shot. And of those, over 90% are during the commission of a crime. Nearly 97% of Black American shootings are by BLACK AMERICANS!! I am not making these numbers up and they have been quietly reported numerous times. Black America’s worst enemy is itself!! Quit blaming the cops for all of Black Americas problems. Yes, there are bad cops who not only should not have a badge and a gun, but they should be in jail. That number is infinitesimally small compared the good cops that are on the street. Man up and get real! Start accepting responsibility like an adult instead of blaming everything else and others for problems. This is just sickening and Kaepernick should stay right were he seems to want to be..,…on the bench!

  44. soapy says:

    Ticking off fans by being unpatriotic is really dumb. If team goes broke because fans turn away, there goes their contracts. Empty seats won’t support these prima donnas.

  45. Doug says:

    He knows about all the minorities’ problems because he gets a good view of whats going on in the streets from his penthouse apartment windows.

  46. pat kennedy says:

    Fire him and make him find another country!

  47. tjguy says:

    I disagree with Mr. K. strongly, but reluctantly I grant him the right to protest like he wants to. I just think it is a bad example to young people. We need to respect, encourage, support, and stand with our law enforcement officers.

    Why doesn’t he also protest the violence in the city of Chicago or the record number of murders in Baltimore already this year? Over 200 people have been killed there. Perhaps he thinks he could do a better job than the current cops. Perhaps he would like to try doing what cops do every day – protect the public from gun toting criminals, many of whom would kill them without a second thought!

    Do they need more training? Perhaps. I’m surprised to hear that they can be cops in just 6 months. I don’t think that is the way it is where I live. He claims that cops are actually targeting black people and I think that idea is insane. Why would any law enforcement officer want to kill anyone? Their job is to protect!

    Accidents happen. Cops have to protect themselves too. They make bad decisions, but I’m not willing to second guess them because I might have been jittery myself in that situation and acted out of fear.

    Question: I’d like to know the actual statistics are. What is the breakdown on the race of people involved in situations where guns are involved that cops are called to investigate?

    Is it 80% white and 20% black? If so, then the fact that a disproportionally large amount of blacks are being killed would definitely show something. But if the numbers are something else – say 60% black and 40% white, then that would be expected.

  48. soapy says:

    Facts show the recent black deaths was caused by the black perp either breaking the law, resisting arrest, running from the law or attacking the law. Bottom line, majority of those slain was because they put themselves in harms way.

  49. jayesouthworth says:

    Kaepernick has a strong resemblance to the Boston bombers. Scary!

  50. Ah another overpayed prima donna spewing ignorance about a situation he understands very little about.

  51. Linda says:

    Nothing will ever happen about things like this until the fans take action. Stop going to the games – shut it down.

  52. Kaepernick is a useful idiot of the racist hate filled extreme left. Too stupid to know he is uninformed and brainwashed.

  53. ben says:

    I wonder how the intellectual giant Adrian Peterson from the Vikings feels about this critical issue raised by Colin Kaepernick?  Someone should ask him when he finishes whipping his 4 year old boys testicles with a tree branch for “showin him disrespect”.  Go to the vikings home opener and you will see obscenely gross, obese, diabetic fat white slobs spending a fortune stuffing their fat face with $10 beer and $20 hotdogs while wearing their $500 Adrian Peterson XXXXXXXXL official NFL shirts made by Chinese Slaves for 5 cents each. Drunk and screaming “will kill dem bums”. While the real Leif Ericson Vikings are rolling over in their graves.

  54. ounceoflogic says:

    Hey MEDIA! Don’t you realize that you are giving this below average quarterback, thug wannabe and tattoo addict exactly what he wanted: Publicity! Stop it. Report the news… SF QB sits out the national anthem. Is suspended for 16 games by owner who offers to pay his salary for 2 years to any team that will take this tiny little man, this very average 2nd or 3rd string Quarterback, this Million-million-million-aire Racist. Stop rewarding this kind of behavior ! ! !

  55. Robert Cunningham says:

    Hope this makes people wake up and quit using public money to subsidized these overpaid spoiled entertainers by building their play pens for them.

  56. jj says:

    In a former life I stood many a time (as did all team members) in dignified attention and respect for not just the US National Anthem before a given game, but later, as well, no less than a dozen plus foreign national anthems which among the total included at the time the Soviet Union National Anthem. The USSR was host to our visit on two occasions and none of us, as respectful, honorable Americans would even think of showing any lack of dignity to any host, and yes, even the USSR..

  57. We lost the Rams to L.A. this year. Nobody in St. Louis is crying about it. Why? Kroenke, Jerry Jones and Goodell are greedy people getting rich on tax credits from local and state governments. The other reason is that in the past 10 years under Goodell’s watch, Roger is putting new meaning into the NFL….National Felony League. We have seen two felonies here in ten years and of course you heard of the many others throughout the league. Then I see Kapernik refusing to stand up for the national anthem. He can have his difference of opinion, but not on company time. Yet Roger Goodell and Jed York did not criticize Kaepernick. To you 49er fans,….I say this with deep sadness, but maybe at your next home game, all 70,000 of you Frisco fans should sit during the Anthem. Maybe that will get Goodell and York change their minds and see that the flag, despite all our country’s imperfections, represent hundreds of thousands of U.S. Military fighting men and women who paid the ultimate price to allow Kaepernick to exercise his first amendment right to speak and act stupid. Instead of protesting, maybe Kaepernick can do some constructive community work to solve the issue.

  58. Andy says:

    Colin, you know better than to sit on your butt and demand things get better. Be the person that changes the future of young men by showing how you sets goals, worked to the best of your ability, and accepted help and direction from others.

  59. skyway2ls says:

    Colin Kaepernick has every right to speak his mind and insult his fellow countrymen and women. We also have every right to stop watching 49er Football until they do something to get him out of there. Signed, a formerly loyal (since the 1980s) 49er Fan

  60. N/A says:

    I personally feel that Colin Kaepernick’s reasoning is very foolish. I thought he is an american. If he can’t stand for out national anthem then he needs to move to another country. I hope this will effect the 49ers ticket sales and he should be kicked off the team. SHAME ON YOU COLIN!

  61. fair warning says:

    So this ungrateful groid protests whites when his groid parents abandoned him and a nice white couple raised him. Sounds like Obama whose parents abandoned him and he was raised by white grandparents.

  62. Canbridge says:

    What a bunch of spoiled little poosies pouting on the bench while they pull down millions like the thugs they are. When do black males become men, and take responsibility for their life and their family?

  63. John Mode says:

    The definition of oppression is: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. So blacks in America are cruelly treated or controlled by society? Let’s look at the facts. America elected a black man president of the United States…twice. If the 40 million blacks in America were a separate country it would be the 15th richest country in the world (by GDP), richer than Austria, Sweden, Germany and Canada. As a group, blacks in America live better than a similar sized black group anywhere else in the world. Black Americans are U.S. Senators, have been Secretaries of State, CEOs of major corporations, congressmen, leaders of our military, college professors, prominent physicians, entertainers, actors, and lawyers. Affirmative action programs still give blacks preferential treatment (over whites and Asian Americans) in college admissions and job prospects. Blacks complain that white police officers kill blacks at a disproportionate rate compared to whites. The facts show just the opposite. According to the Washington Post in 2015 police killed twice as many whites as blacks even though (according to Bureau of Justice statistics) blacks commit 62% of robberies, 57% of murders, and 45% of assault in America’s 75 biggest counties. I just looked up these facts on the internet, information that is available to anyone with the time to do so. The propagandizing of America is complete when so many people believe that Kaepernick has a valid complaint. They have been lied to by the mainstream press and the universities that America is a racist nation and that blacks are an oppressed minority. Colin Kaepernick is a fool as are many Americans who take America for granted and believe the lies promulgated by the Left about America.

    1. John, Donald Trump looks up his “facts” on the internet. You cannot believe everything you read on the internet….and yes, I question the merits of our mainstream press whether it is MSNBC, CNN or FOX, all which have a leaning to their political beliefs. Just remember one thing that never gets in the press……our founding fathers wrote in the Declaration that “all men are created equal”. Yet as they wrote those infamous words, some of those writers like Thomas Jefferson (ever heard of him?) had slaves. Judging from your picture that you have been around for a while, do you remember the “good old days” in the South that had sign in store windows stating “white only?’ The “separate but equal” clause”? I learned these “facts” at a college.

  64. John says:

    Why aren’t you addressing the number of black children without fathers, or the number of blacks killing blacks in the inner city – Chicago for example. Strong families are needed.

  65. jasonn13 says:

    If the PO-lice were really out to kill black men as Kaepernick and the Black Lives Matter knuckleheads he supports are alleging, all they would have to do is stop patrolling their neighborhoods and let them kill each other.

  66. It appears that I will boycott the NFL. I have had enough of professional athletes. Basketball in the NBA has already reached that point. May be after the currency collapse in September there will no room in America for professional or amateur athletes. Down with all athletes who do not regard the opinions of the fans that see the great salaries that they make.

  67. Will the police still want to provide security at the stadium?

  68. Clayton K Char says:

    If Blacks were not disproportionately committing crimes, there would be no policing problem. Unfortunately, young Black males growing up in single-parent households whodon’t know who their father is or wasn’t raised by their father typically have no future unless their mothers are strong-willed and god fearing.

    Fifty plus years of the War on Poverty have destroyed the Black family consisting of two parents and children sired by the male partner. We now have two generations of Black children growing up in this environment. The Democratic Party with their good intentions have created a modern day slavery of the Blacks.

  69. Here is a question to you Dads…..suppose you took your ten year old son to a professional baseball, football or hockey game. When it is time to stand up for the National Anthem, your ten year old refuses because his “idol” did not stand and apparently is allowed to do it again because of no backbone by Jed York and Roger Goodell. So, how do you handle that situation with your son? Maybe if these greedy NFL owners would look beyond the $$$$$$$ and be more concerned about the good of the game for fans, they would fine Kaepernick or suspend him. If Kaepernick is upset with this issue, why does he not volunteer his time in community work with both the African American population and the police…..maybe possibly donate some of his MILLIONS OF $$$ he gets while sitting on the bench to this good cause?

  70. woodslive says:

    Personally, I don’t have a problem to Kap’s decision to not stand during the National Anthem. It is his RIGHT as an American citizen. It is also a right for people to have negative feelings about it and to freely express those feelings. What I do have a problem with is LEO’s who feel that they have the power to tell people what they are anbd are not allowed to protest. You are a government entity and the 1st amendment applies directly to you. I have a problem with LEO’s who were upset with the St. Louis Rams players who came out with their hands up and threatened to not work Ram’s games again. I have a problem with the officers who left a WNBA game because of the t-shirts some players wore. I have a problem with the LEO’s who threatened to not work a Beyonce concert because of her Superbowl performance. America is a free country, not a police state. Their job is to “protect and serve.” That’s it. Protect and Serve. Not Protect and serve those that agree with you. Not protect and serve those that have the same political affiliation as you. Not protect and serve those that have the same sexual orientation as you. Not protect and serve those that look like you. Not protect and serve those who have the same religion as you. Just protect and serve.

  71. Steve in MO says:

    Recently, in the last few months, a police officer was shot here in the St. Louis region (suburb named Ballwin) about the same time as the five police officers were shot in Dallas. He is permanently paralyzed and there have been community fund raisers to help him and his family.
    On Aug 25, another officer in a suburb of St Louis, Hazelwood, was critically injured when he was going to assist another officer and a car collided head on with him while he had his lights and siren activated. His police cruiser flipped over on it’s roof and he had to be cut out of the vehicle by first responders.
    There are community efforts to raise money for him and his family to assist in recovery.
    Every day, officers in the line of duty are seriously injured or killed, often leaving families without spouses or parents.
    As far as I am concerned, it would be better to increase the police officer’s pay and stop paying these athletes their million or many millions of dollar salaries, especially since they are not appreciative of the efforts made on their and their communities behalf by the police officers.
    If the police were no longer in the black communities, or all of our communities for that matter, I don’t want to think about what would happen. Probably the same thing that happens in many countries where the police are corrupt and don’t respond to criminal activity.

  72. Robert Cane says:

    Just another out of touch millionaire, without a clue to what is actually going on out here. This is totally irresponsible on his part and could end up getting people killed.

  73. If the NFL wants to remain “neutral” and allow “Free Speech” of an “employee” that potentially reflects negatively (financially and image) on the entire enterprise [which, by the way isn’t protected by the 1st Amendment for those that need a lesson on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights]- then, they need to stand down and allow, ie grant the request of the Dallas Cowboys to affix the Pro-Law Enforcement decal “Arms in Arms” supporting the Dallas Police Department along with the Fallen and injured Officers. If the NFL wants to tread on this slippery slope – they need to be prepared to allow the “voices” of ALL players be heard – not selective enforcement. Yes, that would even mean those who espouse Pro-Law Enforcement messages or Christian values. That isn’t how “Freedom” works in America and the silent Pro-Law Enforcement majority speaks very loudly with our discretionary monetary funds. By the way, yes, that also means other players could speak, or perform various acts of “civil acts of disobedience” on various subjects – that many may find distasteful, controversial or inappropriate. The NFL has opened Pandora’s Box.

  74. Dave Kirsten says:

    I heard Colin tried to throw an american flag on the ground, but it was intercepted.

  75. Mike says:

    San Francisco has a police department?

  76. Windy says:

    I think he’s ignorant…. Isn’t black lives matter a racists organization? ( no one but blacks are mportant) Aren’t the majority of crimes committed by blacks ( gangs criminals under the influenc etc…) not white black multicolored or any other police officer? So that doesn’t count? He proves he’s a narccistic spoiled foolish brat.
    Worst of it all without harbaugh he can’t play worth sheet. He should focus on that and see f he can read a defense instead of sleeping with his fellow players girlfriends.

  77. Pat Sumner says:

    San Fransisco Forty Whiner.

  78. “Both the 49ers and the NFL have issued statements saying players are not required to stand for the national anthem.”

    I am sure that the NFL and the 49ers are happy that people are not required to buy over-priced tickets to their games, or buy over-priced souvenirs and over-priced food and drinks. Include me out this season (tip of the hat to Yogi Berra).

  79. D3F1ANT says:

    Good for the cops. They need to stand up for themselves. If someone were breaking into Kaepernick’s house…who would he call? Yeah…the cops.

    His parents must be SO proud. I wonder if he hates THEM. They’re white.

  80. Souza Michael S says:

    I wonder if he knows it takes 8 weeks to be a US soldier! 6 mos of acadamy time and a year probation so 18 months to become a police officer! MY Olderst Brother back in 94 had to attend a volunteer acadamy for 6 months no pay, & then a regular acadamy for 6 months in 95! Collin is an idiot who is pooping off about issues he understands little!

  81. Phil says:

    NFL has turned into a circus. Bounties, deflategate, murders, wifebeatings, no respect for country, on n on.. Good luck. Think I’ll check back in about 10 years..

  82. SantaFeSteve says:

    The Police were right to communicate with the ownership of the San Fran 49’ers. It is clear that this ownership has no respect for the U.S.A. Anyone who has anything to do with that franchise is a racist enabler.

    Others with similar pathology will now join in and many will stop watching the NFL. I have been an Eagles Fan for a very long time but if one of them joins this BLM mess, it is so long Philadelphia Eagles. I am not a fan of racists.

    A Black racist is no better than a White racist.

    BLM is a racist organization and stupid. Do they expect to subjugate all Whites and Hispanics. Can’t they even count? Do they think that employers will see their racism as a plus?. Will companies want to move into BLM neighborhoods?

    Being stupid is not a good way to be successful and I suspect that Kaeperneck will find that out.

    That goes for the 49’ers also. Being stupid will not be financially rewarding and what players would want to play for that kind of organization that can not even control its players and if necessary provide them with mental health services.

    Football is a team sport. A quarterback needs to be a leader. That means thinking about the team and the other players not his own emotional baggage. He is not a leader. He will never amount to anything. It is a shame as he can play. But who will want to identify with him?

  83. Bob Ho says:

    drop the NFL and watch a real sport…

    go Man U!

  84. like a desperate plea for help, his career is just about over. 2 good seasons and now this benchwarming 2nd string bum needs to say something stupid to stay relevbant, much like such wshed up idiots like madonna, sean penn, cher, and others. san fran needs to dump this loser now and hopethey can get a quality trade(a bench warming third stringer would be an improvement over this bum).

  85. Terry Roberts says:

    SF police should refuse to enter neighborhoods of color while Kaepernick is in the NFL. It would be an interesting one week experiment.

  86. Bob says:

    Stop supporting these games.

  87. The US Flag is a symbol of Kaepernick’s freedom to disrespect it if he wishes. And just as he is free to speak freely about his convictions, I am free to hate him and the NFL for them. Kaepernick and the NFL have an employee/employer relationship…By maintaining that relationship the NFL is advocating his position.

  88. Ask the SFPOA one question:

    Did you call for anyone to be fired when it was revealed the murder of Laquan McDonald was covered up by police?