KCBS_740MILL VALLEY (KCBS) — A beloved Mill Valley restaurant may become a medical marijuana dispensary next year.

The Dipsea Cafe opened thirty years ago, and owner John Siotos says that the people who eat there regularly love it.

“I really had no idea how beloved it was until I began to talk with the customers. It’s definitely a good feeling to have people acknowledge you,” Siotos told KCBS.

However, Siotos has submitted an application to Marin County officials to turn the restaurant into a medical marijuana dispensary. He decided to make the change after the death of his wife Cori from breast cancer late last year.

“The restaurant’s always been me and my wife running it. We kind of put all of our life and efforts in to make it what it is. The marijuana thing just kind of came as I was searching for what to do next, and it just kind of fell into my lap,” Siotos said.

Siotos says that medicinal pot helped his wife in the last month of her illness by alleviating her nausea and pain and helping her sleep and eat. The county is reviewing Siotos’ application, and if he gets the license, the Dipsea Cafe will close next summer and become a dispensary.

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  1. tn says:

    Get baked with Dipsea Cafe’s baked goods…! Gimme more.
    Good luck with the plan John!!