By Don Ford

HAYWARD (KPIX 5) — A Bay Area startup is hoping to help smokers kick the habit using technology.

“Over five hundred fifty Americans die every year from smoking. Ninety-percent of all lung cancers are caused by cigarette smoking, so we really can make a difference,” Guy Guidipirro, Founder of Chrono Therapeutics said.

Biotech start up Chrono Therapeutics in Hayward says their device is the key. It’s worn it like a transdermal nicotine patch but, it’s really a tiny computer that regulates the dosage.

“We’ve combined smart drug delivery where we’ve timed the delivery of the nicotine to deal with the patients or the consumers cravings,” Chrono Therapeutics, R&D Co-VP, Dr. Patrick Ruane said.

The device provides more nicotine when needed, and less when it’s not.

“We’ve actually built a sensor into the device,” Dr. Ruane said.

It talks to your smart phone, and knows if you change to a fresh patch or not.

“You will get a message – or your family members if you decided to include them in the journey – they will get a message going, ‘hey, don’t forget to put in a new cartridge,’” Ruane said.

Investors are so impressed with the early trail results that Chrono Therapeutics raised $48 million to fund the project. The company says now they can go forward with large scale trials starting next year.

Meanwhile, testing continues as human skin is used to measure the transfer rates of various skin types.

There are a lot of variables still being confirmed but the work to help solve one of the world’s most pressing problems is making progress.

“If you can find a better way to help people quit smoking, you could essentially eradicate lung cancer and could save millions of lives globally,” Guidipirro said.


Comments (2)
  1. Morris E says:

    Only 550 people die each year from tobacco-related products? How is this considered a problem? Thank goodness we have that many fewer people to deal with in our society, on our roads, in the stores, etc.
    When is society going to wake up and spend money on people that deserve it and not a bunch of F&*king feeble-minded tools that make poor lifestyle decisions?

    1. Caren says:

      Morris, it is clearly not a problem. KCBS does not have real news to report, so they like to shove filler down people’s throats while pushing video ads on us that we could care less about.