SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) — San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid both took a knee Monday night during the national anthem before the team’s home opener against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Niners’ second string quarterback was joined by safety Reid on the sidelines during the performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by violinist Lindsey Sterling as he was at the team’s final preseason game in San Diego.

There were also several players who raised their fists including 49ers safety Antoine Bethea and linebacker Eli Harold as well as Rams defensive end Robert Quinn and wide receiver Kenny Britt.


After the anthem, Kaepernick and Reid embraced before a number of teammates approached the pair to either shake hands or hug.

ESPN sideline reporters said there were some audible shouts for Kaepernick to stand during the anthem, but there did not appear to be any incidents in the stands.

The prime-time national broadcast of the game against the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football only increased the scrutiny on Kaepernick’s actions.

Some fans in attendance told KPIX 5 they also planned to take a knee in the stands.

Greg Bellows came up from Compton to support Kaepernick.

“By him standing that way, it’s making everybody notice what he’s talking about,” said Bellows. “I ain’t going to stand with them. I’m going to kneel with him. We go through police brutality, you know what I mean? We lose people every day to police brutality.”

Activists with the Revolutionary Communist Party were handing out flyers at the Santa Clara Caltrain station encouraging those attending the game to keep their seats during the anthem.

The flyer, which was topped by the title “Top 10 Reasons to Sit Down for the Nasty-full Anthem –#sitdownfortherag,” offered a list of alleged wrongdoings committed by the United States dating back to the 1800s right up through modern times.

Flyer handed out by Communist Party activists before 49ers-Rams game (Emily Turner)

Flyer handed out by Communist Party activists before 49ers-Rams game (Emily Turner)

The protests are gaining strength around the league.

At Sunday’s Miami-Seattle game, the Seahawks stood but locked arms in solidarity while four Dolphins players took a knee during the playing of the national anthem.

In Kansas City, there was a flashback to the black power salute of the 1960’s as a chief’s player raised his gloved fist during the anthem.

Before the game in Arizona, two New England Patriots also raised their fists.

The protests have become the talk of the NFL.

“Not standing up for the national anthem…for it to catch on like that? And now for Kaepernick’s jersey sales are going up just because of that?  For me, it’s just a distraction from the games we’re trying to play,” said fan Mario Martinez of Sacramento.

“A lot of people are saying that he’s right about it. A lot of people are saying he’s wrong about it,” said Darlene Muldrow of Los Angeles.  “It’s a free country, it’s America.  As far as I know everybody has an opportunity to express their opinion.”

Last week, there had been concern that Santa Clara police officers might boycott Monday night’s game because of Kaepernick’s ongoing protest.

However, Santa Clara officers were out in full force Monday afternoon, providing tactical teams and traffic control in and around Levi’s Stadium.

Late last week, Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor stepped in to encourage officers to work the game even though it’s a voluntary, overtime assignment.

“Public safety is number one here in our city,” said Gillmor. “The police officers association appreciate the fact that we acknowledge that they are a huge part of the success of the stadium. And so they are going to go back and do their job, a job they are proud of doing.”

But in agreeing to work the stadium the police union also expressed disappointment at the team’s management for ignoring the officers’ concerns.

While the 49ers’ executives protected a players rights, the union says the team did not acknowledge how the protests could harm officers.

Fans lining up outside to get into the game were just glad the police will be there.

“What’s football without cops?” asked Martinez. I’m just glad they are going to be here to protect us.”

Comments (95)
  1. LoveMyUSA says:

    Boycott the NFL..they are mostly thugs anyway…

    1. andreasmiles22 says:

      We already started, funny how no one questions the hiring practices by the teams, think we should start.

    2. irishsmiles says:

      Boycott. The owners only understand money!

  2. ole sparkie says:

    This j@ck@ss Kaepernick makes more money on Sunday than I’ll make in a lifetime, and I’m supposed to sympathize with him? Gimme an Ef’fing break. Much as I think Roger Goodell is a putz, he better get a handle on things before a handful of malcontents kill the product. For every malcontent who raises a fist or takes a knee during the national anthem, there are a thousand football players out there who would die to take those malcontent’s place on the roster.

  3. mike says:

    This whole “black are killed by cops” thing is all a big lie. More whites are killed by cops than blacks. But blacks seem to be very naive and just scream whatever makes them fell better.

    1. Honest John says:

      Reality has no bearing on anything when the MSM joins forces with our “community agitators” to promote photogenic discord. A variation on “if it bleeds it leads” to the MSM. This should be added to Obama’s legacy of deviciveness – his primary “competency”.

  4. Eric_Thatcher says:

    Gotta find some way to make flag football important.

  5. Gerry Wall says:

    No respect for cops-no military pride-no law and order. You are seeing it already. The minority’s will suffer the most when police don’t protect them for this disrespect. We just lost 40 years of progress in Obama’s 8 years.

  6. Bush league actions from bush league players.

  7. Eric_Thatcher says:

    He is making everyone notice his super bowl was a long time ago

  8. fred kuzmich says:

    What if everyone just sat out the national anthem to protest how rich spoiled athletes act?

    1. Ashley West says:

      I’d rather just sit out NFL football and watch local High School sports.

    2. What if everyone—-instead of engaging in the despicable a**holery of these spoiled black athletes have—-stayed at home?

  9. KARL KORDECKI says:

    All I can say is the 49ers lost 2 fans because of Kaepernick and that goes for any other team doing the same thing end of story.

  10. Tom M. says:

    It’s OK. When he kneels down his face is right where it belongs — at the butts of real men.

    1. L Miller says:

      Perfect response! 🙂

  11. Didn’t watch (support) NFL on Sunday or yesterday due to the continued disrespect towards the flag and anthem and didn’t miss it! As the NFL has the right to disrespect; I have the right to boycott the NFL or any other organization that support/ sponsor this activity!

    This is simply a NFL failure to set proper work environment policies as in any other business!
    I don’t care what the players do on their own time any more than actors or musicians, but I do care what they say or do when I’m directly or indirectly paying through ratings, tickets or merchandise. I made up my mind several weeks ago NOT to view or support the NFL in anyway when players started disrespecting the US country symbols (flag and anthem) and no actions were taken by the NFL management…

    Fact is football and all other entertainment is a business! The players and artists are simple resources for the product no different than Burger King or McDonald’s. When I go to fast food joints, I’m paying for a service/ product and not for individual employee’s opinion. I generally really don’t care of their personal opinion nor do I get into a debate ordering a hamburger…

    When these activities occur or reoccur, it simply demonstrates the product has loss perspective of what they provide and who’s the customer funding their product! The only way fans are going to ensure players stop disrespecting the fans and flag is to refuse to watch them supporting ratings, not buy merchandise and or attend their games. “Money talks” and I refuse to spend a dime on these individuals. I don’t need the NFL.

    1. Ashley West says:

      We went to a local High School game. They ran out of food at the concessions there were so many people there. Maybe this is a good thing if people return to their local sports and away from the racist thugs in the NFL.

    2. Al says:

      Politics do not belong in the workplace! Anywhere else, you’d be fired for bringing your political views into the workplace – this is where they work …. Boycott the NFL and any other organization that allows this disrespect to the fans and to the country! Let these spoiled babies go broke, or let them go to another country where they can try to make a living running around chasing each other.

  12. Charles Jackson says:

    Leave them in the locker room. Only let them on the field if needed.

  13. Steve C says:

    If the USA is so evil to foreigners and minorities, why do we have to build a wall to keep them out?

  14. Timmy says:

    Fans need to pick a weeks soon and boycott all the games that weekend. Empty seats, no concessions, hit ’em where it hurts. Then give them a couple of weeks to get their act together. If they don’t, boycott the next two weekends. This BS will stop when they don’t get paychecks.

    By the way, this is an indicator of why Kaepernick is a second string hack. No talent and not all that bright…

  15. Interesting how similar the Revolutionary Communist Party’s 10 reasons to disrespect America are to the extreme left Democrats, universities, Hollywood and MSM view of America.

    Brothers in hatred.

  16. geert borders says:

    As is often case around these sorts of things, much confusion evident in public.

    First, this is not a 1st amendment issue. What Mr. K does as a citizen in public or his own private space is certainly protected. What he does (or does not do) as an employee of the NFL is not protected. He may be compelled to follow certain standards such as standing during playing of a song, including the national anthem. And he can be disciplined or even fired for not complying. This is true for every employ of every company in the country. The limits are only those of legal behavior, which we may not be compelled to violate.

    Second, the rhetoric such as appears on the “10 reasons to sit” flyer represent such a level of misinformation it is almost dangerous. These are emotionally charged issues, making the importance of accurate statements paramount. Bringing up extremely antagonistic facts such as these but without context is the anarchists way. The question is what specifically are we protesting? Past sins?

    Third, the significance of the contributions of the west and America are too often simply not discussed. No civilization in history has stood as well for free speech and association, equality of all before the law (especially women), charity, representative elections, and open markets. In other words, all the things that make it possible for a clown like Mr. K to get the opportunity to have a multi-million $ contract playing football, even though he is purportedly a “repressed black man.”

  17. azwarrior1 says:

    Supporting cop killing is lame dudes.

  18. miguel526 says:

    Our Household Will Stop ALL NFL games from here on out, until Colin Kaepernick is Gone!!!!!!!!

  19. Sunny Morgan says:

    1. The US was NOT founded on slavery. In fact, the vast majority of people who came to North America did NOT own slaves. And in fact, most of the “slaves” were white indentured servants. In fact, the first legal “slave” owner in what would become the U.S. was a BLACK man named Anthony Johnson! Mr. Johnson owned both black and WHITE slaves!
    2. The only genocide that the U.S. continues to carry out is called ABORTION! And most babies that are aborted are brown and BLACK babies killed by their own mothers using an abortion “doctor”.
    Need I go on? Pants Up! Don’t Loot!

  20. SLIDING says:

    Get real clear , REAL CLEAR ON THE FACTS ,

    ______ BUILDING 7 SEVEN ________

    And your whole perception of life will change, USE THE SEARCH BAR.

    ____TRY TO GET INFORMED ____

  21. Niko Bellic says:

    ungrateful privileged lives matter!

  22. Dj says:

    This could kill the NFL. I will never attend another game.

  23. Dj says:

    Did anyone else notice how empty the stands were? Krapernick can take a knee, and we can stay home.

  24. caligula says:

    the worst players on the team trying to stay relevant.

    1. Al says:

      They are using their ‘black privilege’! but whatever you do, don’t use your ‘white privilege’ by refusing to go to their games, buying their gear, playing their fantasy games, etc. That might cause them to have to lose their ‘oppressive’ million-dollar salaries!
      Personally, I’m using my ‘Cherokee privilege’ and I’ll boycott them all!

  25. caligula says:

    look at that idiotic flyer. hahaha, some black people are so stupid. smart blacks have got to be embarrassed by this.

  26. Jack Murphy says:

    Was Kaepernick wearing his Fidel Castro shirt again? If not he should wear it every day so everyone can see what he really stands for and what his “protest” is really about. Reid is simply his fellow traveler.

  27. The only language these overpaid privileged fake indignation buffoons will understand is empty seats at their games…do you sports fans have it in you to not buy tickets? I gave up attending pro sports in the ’70’s when the Yankees went on strike. Have stuck to it!

  28. MSxx says:

    Krapernik seems right at home on his knees.

  29. Ashley West says:

    I’m done with these racist thugs and their communist trash friends. The only actual racism in America is Affirmative Action, and it’s time to end that and the rest of these f-ing pigs.

  30. BlueFrog says:

    The NFL is a business like all others, and the players are multi-million dollar employees acting as representatives of the NFL. You don’t get to behave disrespectfully like this on company time while being paid millions. Protest on your own time and not while using NFL resources, like free TV coverage, paying customers, captive audience, etc. NFL needs to fire everyone behaving like this on company time, immediately, or it will lose paying customers. It’s a business, your an employee on company time, act like it. If customers purchase a game and their money is being used to stage such a disrespectful protest, they will take their money elsewhere.

  31. onetermandout says:

    To a thug, police protecting themselves and others from fellow thugs is “police brutality.”

  32. Scotty C. says:

    1. The US had slavery prior to its founding. Those who were slaves during America’s founding, their children lived to see emancipation. No country in world history has ever abolished slavery that quickly. Black Americans have the same rights and responsibilities as white and Asian Americans. There is no epidemic of murder by police. In 2015, the number of unarmed people killed by police was 38 (FBI stats). Twelve of those were black, 26 were white.

    2. Native Americans have a population of about 3 million in the US. Reservations comprise 56 million acres. The Native Americans have all the land they will ever need. They succeed or fail based on their own decisions.

    3. I have to look this one up, I don’t know the history behind it.

    4. The rate of black-on-black rape is more than double the rate of white-on-white rape (FBI stats). The rate of black-on-white rape is about 10,000 times higher than that of white-on-black rape. (Similar numbers with black-on-Asian).

    5. The US warned the Japanese about the bombing beforehand. The US Military dropped 1 million flyers in Japanese telling the citizens to leave Hiroshima in the days leading up to it. They did not listen. I cannot understand any parent who would choose to keep their children in the path of an atomic bomb, even if you have to leave with just the clothes on your back.

    6. The US did not “murder” the Vietnamese, we tried to save them. South Korea today has the highest freedom and standard of living in Asia today. That is because 38,000 American men volunteered to give their lives to save strangers in Korea. We succeeded in Korea, but failed in Vietnam. The morality of trying to save Vietnam is no different from the morality of our success in Korea.

    7. Are those blacks and Latinos innocent? If so, let’s give them new trial. If they are guilty, then prison is the just place for them to be.

    8. Every nation has to have borders or else it is not a nation. Mexico, for example, built a wall on its southern border to keep out Guatemalans.

    9. America does not enslave or exploit children. Corrupt and Communistic countries do. Mexico, China, Congo, and Bangladesh should follow America’s example and outlaw child abuse and slavery.

    10. The entire US, including our military, produces only a fraction of the pollution of China.

  33. L J says:

    ABC and ESPN disrespected Lindsey Sterling. They showed her on T.V. only once at the beginning of the National Anthem; then it was all about the Kippersnack dog and pony show. Disgusting!!! ABC and ESPN and NFL I am done with you! By the way we have all forgotten that Sundays don’t belong to Kaepernick or the NFL. Instead of worshipping athletes we should get back to worshipping our Savior.

  34. toledofan says:

    Both of these guys, Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid, should be fired, enough is enough. It makes you wonder how dumb the fans really are to support this team, the franchise and the players. If you want to get into politics quit the NFL, if you want to play football keep your politics in the locker room.

    1. Ashley West says:

      “It makes you wonder how dumb the fans really are to support this team”

      It’s San Francisco, the world headquarters of dumb. Just boycott any team with these BLM racists on it. It’s what we are doing.

  35. Ticked Off says:

    I am sick of entertainers – NFL, Hollywood, NBA, etc – using the entertainment stage for their own political agenda. Entertainers are grossly overpaid and need to limit the entertainment stage to entertainment. If not the public has the right and should cease to support the entertainment stage. If entertainers want to promote a political agenda they need to do it on their own time and away from the entertainment stage.

  36. Magor Wright says:

    Standing for the national anthem is voluntary. So why not have the Coaches ask for volunteers to stand for the national anthem 1st. Then those that don”t want stand enter the playing field after the national anthem?

  37. If you are a fan and you’re not boycotting, you are simple, you are shallow and a fool.

  38. David Leach says:

    The depth of ignorance in this country is astounding.

  39. John says:

    He knows to kneel before the white man. I love it.

  40. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Black males aged 15-34 are only 3% of the total US population. According to
    2012 FBI crime statistics, this 3% is responsible for:
    – 54.9% of all robberies;
    – 49.4% of all murders;
    – 34.1% of all aggravated assaults;
    – 32.5% of all forcible rapes.
    So, 3 % of the population of the US is responsible for almost half of all crime in the US.
    Almost 12% of White/Hispanic Homicides are by police. ONLY 4% of Black Homicide is by Police. So based on the far higher crime rate of Blacks they are actually shot FAR FAR less.
    And you wonder why cops are on edge when dealing with segment of society?
    2015 Crime stats:
    Blacks killed by whites 2%
    Blacks killed by police 1%
    Whites killed by police 3%
    Whites killed by Whites 16%
    Whites killed by blacks 81%
    Blacks killed by Blacks 97%

    White America isn’t the problem for blacks, although Democrats have done nothing but create poverty for the majority of the black population.

    1. c p says:

      50 + years of boost-ups, hand-outs and affirmative action and the statistics are worse today than in 1965.

      The Community has to blame someone – ANYONE – but themselves for their lack of progress.

  41. Dirk says:

    Hey NFL, Here is a thought. Play the National Anthem before the players come out on the field. Problem solved.

  42. josetoyou says:

    There are MANY reasons why I refuse to support “professional” athletics in ANY way.
    This is just another reason!
    With few exceptions, the players are just overpaid thugs that would otherwise be on welfare!

  43. Scott says:

    I WILL NOT watch another NFL game, go to a game or even check scores, until the NFL demands that all team staff stand for the anthem. If they want to protest on their own time, have at it. The NFL must implement this immediately or they are going to lose a ton of money. Vets, patriots and most fair-minded Americans simply aren’t going to put up with it.

  44. Melissa Quiming says:

    Living in a revolutionary communist country is great fun! For example… North Korea! Go over there for a while and see how ya like it. C: Then come back and tell us how it went melissa. 😀

  45. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    Boycott the game until those clowns are gone. It’s up to the FANS to force the issue.

  46. Iowa Chapman says:

    the real brutality is from those screaming they are being oppressed, their lack of respect, their constant disobedience and violent behavior towards police when there is an encounter is the problem. I dont act like a jerk even if a cop is acting like one to me, and if one should ever tell me I am under arrest I will let them arrest me and fight it in court, not try to fight the officer, try to take their gun etc.. i would only expect an arse whooping and or to be shot if i tried to take their gun and fight the officer.. thats not brutality its called officer defending their life when you resist arrest and try to get their gun.

    Just like the white guy who continued to walk towards officers with his hand behind his back, they told him multiple times to stop and get down on ground, this after the guy took them on high speed chase.. they shot him and killed him.. only person at fault was the guy not listening to the officers. He got what he had coming to him.

  47. edword says:

    I’ve been a longtime (30+ year) NFL fan but gradually over the years have become pretty disgusted with many of the players and their attitudes.

    This is really the last straw for me if the NFL cannot put a stop to it. I do not NEED this stuff folks, really I don’t.

  48. B Da Truth says:

    The Africans should return to their mother country, a free, open, democratic, capitalist society does not seem to suit them well.

  49. Cletus B Neckbeard says:

    What an embarrassing bunch of vegetables and tools the MarxoCrats have turned these people into…

  50. Ron Turner says:

    As soon as I saw him kneel I turned the game off. Nothing but an ill informed thug. Handout is from the communist party. Let CK go to another country and see how he likes it and how much he can make there.

  51. rescuedog says:

    “Activists with the Revolutionary Communist Party were handing out flyers at the Santa Clara Caltrain station encouraging those attending the game to keep their seats during the anthem.”

    Yup. They should move to that communist paradise Venezuela so they can stand in line all day in sweltering heat to buy toilet paper. Never forget that Stalin is the greatest mass murderer in the history of the world.

  52. Mike Arvand says:

    toss the lot out of the NFL. Permanently. Fine them millions for the damage to the team season. They wanna act like welfare monkeys, then put them in the damn welfare line. There’s a difference between being black, and being a tool. These guys are tools.

  53. carlos broker says:

    Spitting on the country that gives these thugs millions? Give me a break. There’s other things to watch that don’t make Americans sick. To Hell with the NFL.

  54. justsayin says:

    This is the SAME NFL that promotes gun control.

  55. About the prison population: Mexico had 28,500 murders and out of that only 500 convictions…nuff said

  56. Nate Schleprock says:

    “Activists with the Revolutionary Communist Party were handing out flyers at the Santa Clara Caltrain station encouraging those attending the game to keep their seats during the anthem.”

    I don’t usually believe in guilt by association but it might be justifiable in this case.

  57. jaz says:

    Making somebody show respect against their will seems wrong. But people who object to this idiot’s lack of respect ought to do the one thing they can do. Don’t watch, and certainly don’t go to any games.

  58. winomaster says:

    The plain fact here is that Kapernick would not be misbehaving if he was the starting QB for the 49’ers. But he is pouting and wants to send the message that his situation is totally because he is a black man. I predict that Kapernick has played for his last NFL team. Who would want to bring such a malcontent onto their team.

    I don’t believe the NFL is actively wanting to fuel this protest movement. But at the same time they are not doing what would be right. The players have a right to free speech, But no employee has the right to protest at work. And this is what these players are doing. The NFL is being cowardly and calculating that they will take less grief from fans that disapprove of these displays, than the grief they would take from the BLM bunch. Cowards all.

  59. Boycotting. And still haven’t been to Target since April. Don’t miss it – won’t miss the NFL.

  60. Quinton McHale. says:

    If these silly and misguided “protests” bother NFL fans then they should just vote with their feet and their dollars. That is all the NFL understands.

  61. Vote Louder says:

    S’Long NFL.

    Your disgusting fine for those that supported the 9*-11 families, and support of those dissing American Veterans and law enforcement is now HISTORY…

    Hello COLLEGE BALL 100%!

  62. says:

    The fans need to get up and walk out of the came en mass. Yeah I know, you paid good money for tickets to see the games, but you will only have to do it once.

    1. says:

      came = game

  63. Nathaniel Swiggart says:

    Lindsey Sterling did the national anthem? thats so freaking cool i wish i saw it

  64. John Stettner says:

    Does anyone remember Pat Tillman? It is disgraceful that Kaepernick is getting more media attention than Pat Tillman did. Where is the fairness and balance in the media? Shouldn’t they be spotlighting people like Tillman right alongside these reports of Kaepernick?

  65. Demitrius says:

    I do not see the issue. He is free to protest as this is obviously a protest against the US government. This is clearly a protest of Obama and his government and the terrible job Obama has done with this country.
    I will not stand for the national anthem for this government either as long as that idiot and the rest of the despicables in his administration are still in office.I agree with Kaepernick – Obama sucks and has done nothing to help this country.

  66. Joe Schmoe says:

    I had to laugh when I saw one of these guys being interviewed and he said his actions were meaningful because it started a dialog. I’m not sure where that dialog is happening? Certainly no on the news, the news stories are all about these goofs and not about what they purport to be calling attention to.

    Also, one of them said he would stop when his concerns were resolved. What exactly are the criteria there? A reporter should ask.

    I have a feeling they will have to do this indefinitely if that is the case. Eventually it loses meaning when it goes on long enough. I’m guessing when they stop getting the camera time for this they will move on.

  67. Kick him in the nuts……. Twice

  68. greggstein51 says:

    So here’s an idea. Stop voting democrat with their subversive theology, our inner cities are sh_t holes but the people keep voting for the same ideas and the same people. Yet will protest under a false narrative in “hands up don’t shoot” ITS YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT! YOU OUGHT TO BE PROTESTING YOUR OWN STUPIDITY!!

  69. suibne says:

    he is a psssss ant.

  70. dan ros says:

    Being a fool is acceptable in the NFL, but spreading cheap political victimhood and racism during a football game is absurd. Paying any attention to this is laughable when idiots ignore the 3,000 black on black shootings in chicago alone. Walk out.

  71. michelle says:

    NFL = Nitwits Felons (or F ups, take your pick) Losers

  72. mike says:

    actually DON’T have freedom pf speech while employed and CAN be fired for failing to adhere to your employers rules while actively in the employ of your company

  73. Twodogsf****ing says:

    Bring back Icky. He can dance during the national anthem while the rest of the bottom of the bell curve morons do whatever in front of the empty stands. Stupid sport anyway and unwatchable with all the commercials.

  74. trigon says:

    It’s already too late for the NFL this year at our house. The games will be off all season.

  75. Heroes, all of them, those people shouting at Notepad from the stands. God Bless.

  76. sickofthefarleft says:

    I’m not happy with sitting or taking a knee. But the black power fist is absolutely unacceptable. I’d like to see those fists up Kaepernick’s and Reid’s rear ends.

  77. Fists in the air? Is to symbolize all the fists that blacks raise at other blacks? Nice!

  78. Let's Talk says:

    1. In the US, you are free to stand or not stand up for the anthem. There are men and women that have died for that right. So as a citizen Kaepernick has that right.
    2. That being said, he is an employee of the NFL. What is their stance? What’s the difference between protesting the anthem by not standing or protesting or even supporting something else by some other action. Hasn’t the NFL fined people or threatened to fine people in the past for such things?
    3. If the police are so bad, then have them not work at the NFL games for a couple of weeks and see what happens (I’m hoping nothing, but you never know) or better yet, have them leave all the predominantly “black” neighbourhoods alone for a few weeks (I would be fearful to see what happened there, but the point would be proven).
    4. Back to this protest: do black lives matter? Of course they do. Anyone who says differently has something wrong with them. Now are there some dishonest police that give honest police a bad name? It sure seems that way, but should we judge the whole based on a part? Should we judge all NFL players based on the few that do bad things?

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