SARATOGA (CBS SF) – A Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy fatally shot a man during an incident at a home in Saratoga Monday night.

According to Lt. James Jensen with the sheriff’s office, deputies were making a welfare check on a home on the 12000 block Titus Avenue shortly before 8:00 p.m.

After trying for 50 minutes to contact whoever was inside the house, deputies went around and entered via a back door. Once inside, they encountered a man with a firearm in his hand, Jensen said.

Deputies said the man raised the firearm at them and refused commands to drop the weapon before he was shot by a deputy.

“Our sheriff’s deputy shot the individual and he was later transported to a hospital and pronounced deceased,” said Jensen.

Jensen said deputies were called to make a welfare check on an individual at the home, who was not heard from for several weeks. It is unclear if the man shot by the deputy was the subject of the welfare check.

Deputies said they have been called to the home before, according to Jensen.

Authorities have not identified the man.

Jensen said the deputy who opened fire was a veteran deputy.

The incident happened near Christa McAuliffe Elementary, which is on the same block of Titus Avenue.

At one point, the ongoing investigation closed both driveways into the school, but they have since been reopened.

However, the main road to the school is cut off, forcing parents to go through the back way.

Mental health support will be available to any students who have questions about the police presence.

“Oh, of course. They’re going to ask lots of questions,” said Cupertino Union School District Superintendent Wendy Gudalewic. “So, the nice thing about this school is they open their classrooms with community meetings. They’re used to that and answering questions from kids. They’ll take that process and I’m sure use it to answer the children’s questions.”

No classes have been interrupted.

Deputies had previously been to the house where the shooting happened. Authorities were there last night because they hadn’t heard from the man in several weeks.

At this point of the investigation, it’s still unclear if the man who was shot had fired his weapon at deputies.

Authorities also have not revealed how many times the man was shot.

The shooting remains under investigation.

Comments (8)
  1. bobbiteme says:

    guess a bunch of armed thugs aren’t so good at doing “welfare checks”.

    Being a dead body now I don’t suppose the man is faring very well.

  2. wiseoldsnail says:

    we have the right to self-defense . police have no right to intrude this way . how many times, now, have police killed someone during a supposed ‘welfare check?

  3. Donovan Nin says:

    Who in their right mind sends a death squad to do a welfare check?

  4. cljames says:

    Sherif Smith sends Gestapo to man’s home and without a WARRANT AND NO JUSTIFICATION THE police Break down man’s home who has EVERY Right to arm himself and defend his home and family……Police MURDER the man per Sheriff Smith’s KGB Training Program……Welcome to Nazi Calif run by Jerry Brown and his Brownshirts ….forget the Constitution and forget the United States Bill of Rights……You are in WHACKO Calif where the LIBERAL brown shirts can bust down your door and shoot you in your home without even a WARRANT

  5. dh says:

    Perhaps the social workers or nurses could be part of the policy to serve and protect.