SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — New student housing designed for African-American students and culture is coming to San Francisco State University.

African-American students make up just under 6 percent of the campus population and it’s unclear how many dorm rooms will be dedicated to African-American culture.

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University officials says the plans are in the very early stages.

Last spring a cellphone video captured a racially-charged encounter at the SF State campus. In the video, an African-American woman is upset and gets physical with a white man about his dreadlocks.

Now, campus officials are responding to demands from the Black Student Union to create a new space on campus where students can safely live and talk about issues affecting African-Americans.

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SF State spokesman Jonathan Morales said, “We want to be pro-active responding to some of the issues that have been brought out by the Black Lives Matter movement and we want to work with our student leaders in the Black Student Union and other students of color organizations to make sure that our living and learning community here is inclusive…”

SF State already has several themed dorm floors – one for science and tech, another for business, and another for civil and community engagement – this newest theme though would be specific around race and culture. They are calling it an Afro-themed dorm floor.

Student Brittany Trimble said, “I definitely think it’s a good thing if people want to learn more about the culture and especially with the Black Lives Matter movement, if that’s incorporated into it. I think that’s a good thing.”

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Cal State Los Angeles has already started offering housing specifically for black students, who make up about 4 percent of their campus.

Critics of the idea say it could lead to self-segregation.

Student Sam Gebremiche said, “I think we need to have united dorms and have different cultures be together and just come as a group.”

But university officials say though the dorm floor will be geared toward African American students, it would be open to anyone who wants live there.

Student Jessica Wang said she feels it’s okay, ” because everyone is allowed. It’s not like only African-Americans are okay to live on that floor.”

Comments (163)
  1. Ruckweiler says:

    And that “culture” is what? That which we all see in the inner city? Sad that these students are segregating themselves. Their professors and “mentors” seem to be telling them that NOTHING has changed. I’m 64 and MUCH has been changed. What next, Colored and White bathrooms and water fountains?

    1. choir Loft says:

      Sounds like a good idea. Integration used to be a good idea until our Muslim POTUS took over. Now everyone is at each other’s throat.

      Set up exclusive white sections and you’ll get demonstrations and litigation.

      and that’s me, hollering from the choir loft…

      1. Sal says:

        It is interesting that the leftists are bringing back segregation. Wonderful

    2. Abdul Keddou says:

      Racial division has increased under Divider-in-Chief Obama. His traitorous decision to host a racist hate group at the White House like Black LIES Matter again shows he is unfit for office. BLM is built on a LIE because filthy thug Michael Brown NEVER had his hands up and NEVER said “Don’t shoot”.

  2. Dave says:

    Can we say soft bigotry of low expectations?

    1. Huma's Weiner says:

      Socialist justice is the new Fascism of the Left.

      1. sumday says:

        social justice is just a pc word for mob ruled and runs counter to any civilized society.

  3. Joe Tonelli says:

    And each little monkey will get two guns and six knives. We want them to feel at home.

  4. Kat says:

    Why can’t California just fall into the ocean and go away? We would all be better off.

    1. Carl says:

      I agree with you, but let me out of here first.

    2. Ruckweiler says:

      Remember to buy your waterfront property in Nevada.

  5. illinoisatlarge says:

    Segregation has skyrocketed under Obama. Obama’s legacy will be world divisiveness.

  6. Mauloa says:

    How Do We Stop Racism? “Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” — Morgan Freeman

    1. Sam Dennis says:

      Racism is more than words … it is belief and acting on that belief.

  7. Sam Dennis says:

    A state (government) University is constitutionally prohibited from engaging in racial segregation.

    1. The Rev says:

      And yet they do it. How is it possible?

  8. Mike Smith says:

    So…there’s going to be World Star Hiphop fights and twerkin’ competitions all hours of the night?

  9. David Alster says:

    Are “themed” classrooms and test exams next?

  10. Don’t unify as Americans,separate and pit races against races for PC gain.Until the race war start on your sorry arse supposed university. Then import thousands + thousands of “illegal” immigrants and muslims to “totally destroy” the culture of America. This is not an educational facility,it is noting more than a misguided indoctrination facility!!!

  11. So now segregation is what blacks want? Didn’t Dr. Martin Luther King die to end segregation, but now black students want to bring it back?

    1. WhatintheWorld says:

      So, are they brainwashed into believing this nonsense or do they know full well they are peddling BS? We are told we are xenophobes because we don’t want certain immigrants who we know have a tendency to blow things up, but then why aren’t these kids xenophobes for fearing white society?

      Are they really such fairies that they fear white people? We get two different narratives on every topic. One is that they are oppressed by white, but then we hear how powerful they are. Then we hear how they are going to fight racism while segregating themselves. On one hand whites have all this privilege, yet they are given handouts and affirmative action like candy. They hate whitey, but they damn sure love his tax money. Do you think Frederihand think Douglass shunned whites? I don’t read where he gathered with a bunch of other black folks and discussed amongst themselves to end slavery. Did MLK go to black only events to end racism?

      Personally, the black thing is getting tiring. They aren’t Africans. Haven’t been for generations. When do we get the Bavarian themed floor?

      It isn’t blacks that are the problem. It’s the culture of pampered, babied entitlement. Goodness gracious, we have had wonderful deep thinkers over the past few thousand years, it’s scary that in 2016 we have people who are so stupid.

  12. Palin Smith says:

    Donald Trump will have to desegregate academia when he’s president. I thought that was done already 50 years ago.

  13. ” rooms … dedicated to African-American culture”. I guess that means that they will be unlit and unfurnished. Empty.

  14. Brian says:

    So rape, murder and theft will be the themes?

  15. Janet Martin says:

    Sounds like segregation to me–I don’t think such plans are Constitutional.

  16. dlmstl says:

    This, too, shall pass. Remember the ill-fated attempt to establish Ebonics? First and foremost, learn to speak, read and write the English language to the best of your ability. It’s as close as one can get to a universal language. You’ll end up better off socially, economically and culturally than 60% of the population. Works every time it’s tried.

    1. Elbee says:

      I’m afraid not. At least not at SFSU and some other politically correct institutions. As for SFSU it prides itself on it racial divisiveness = African Studies, La Raza Studies, and so on. Heaven for bid it should teach about the accomplishments of Europeans and the greatness of the United States, what was achieved in a mer 200 years. Sadly, too many generations know nothing of tithes country except that the Founders owned slaves and all whites who followed are evil mercenaries.

  17. hiram says:

    sooo if you’re white you BETTER get with diversity you RACIST CRACKER MUTHA but if you’re black HEY! segregate up pardner….

  18. Mike Jefferson says:

    Is there no end to liberal racism? First the demonrats helped their collusionist Africans to put people in chains. Then they started the Klan, violated civil rights at every turn, and tried to block the Civil Rights Act. Now, they continue the segregation on college campuses.

  19. sue says:

    I Africa is so great why are Africans living in Europe and North America, appropriating the culture/knowledge of white people?

  20. Mike Arvand says:

    afro themed floors,

    so is it gonna be sub Saharan where they get to carry spears and carry water in mud jars on their heads? or is it gonna look like Chicago and you’re gonna have a permanent welfare office giving handouts, drive bys when you get out of the elevator and chalk outlines on the floors?


  21. Sound like separate but equal to me! Where have we heard this before?

  22. Mike Arvand says:

    Damn. Wallace was right after all.

  23. Jo Se says:

    They plan on renaming campus buildings for the great Africans that have achieved success in the arts, science, medicine, law, philosophy, and other intellectual endeavors … as soon as they can find any.

  24. WOW!!! After the many years of fight for integration… blacks are now fighting for segregation! WOW!

  25. Larry Bradshaw says:

    Racism, pure and simple.

  26. TK says:

    So Black people want segregation back? This proves Democrats are the same racist party as they have always been. Welcome back Jim Crow!

  27. David Alster says:

    On this day in history:::::::In 1962, James Meredith, a black student, was blocked from enrolling at the University of Mississippi by Democratic Gov. Ross R. Barnett.

  28. Gary Johns says:

    We had “Afro-themed” EVERYTHING before the 1950….looks like we’re going back!! Yea!

  29. Run Twentysixmiles says:

    More liberal cow towing to the anti-white bigots. Tell them that their hate is justified, that whites are devils, that they can say ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous, ignorant, racist or offensive, and the school will agree. That they can make any demands, and the school will cave, and agree. What’s next, oh, how about all whites are banned from campus? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  30. KipWa says:

    Who would have thought that San Francisco would be the city to bring back racial segregation?

  31. Gary Johns says:

    Some would call it segregation…others would call it “Afro-themed”…. Hypocrisy is the mother’s milk of liberalism….

  32. more proof that blacks are the most racist group.

  33. Skipper says:

    Please direct me to the gay/transgender themed dorms.

  34. Matt says:

    Isn’t that segregation?

  35. Ryan Blades says:

    The most dangerous place for blacks are in the womb, and among other blacks.
    Can’t wait for the chimp-outs to commence

  36. Silverfawn says:

    It seems the San Francisco university wants to turn back the clock to 1868 when the races were “equal but seperate.” Hmmm. Newsflash: Segregation was an abysmal failure both in our country and places like South Africa, which had apartheid. Teaching young people of any race they should retreat from the world at large because of their skin color is a tragic mistake which will not serve them well after graduation.

  37. BobUSAFret says:

    Who are the consultants for the African themed rooms? Africans or Afreakin Americans?

  38. Churyl Minne says:

    Got to bring the ‘hood to campus… Somehow they must think this will improve the scholastic performance of these typical underachievers. Good luck.

  39. bcope01 says:

    What? Dirt floor and thatched roofs? Dumb.

  40. Carl says:

    Didn’t they already do this back in the 40’s/50’s? MLK Jr. must be spinning in his grave.

  41. There is no such thing as an African-American. There is no such thing as a hyphenated American. Either you are an American or you are not. If you are not and you are unhappy with America, go somewhere else. A lot of people worked very hard to make sure that blacks (sorry hyphenates) were integrated into American culture and accepted as part of this society/culture. Now you want to pretend that you are some sort of separate and special “culture”? Wearing your hair a certain way and putting on Afro-centric style clothing does not make you special or African. Try being American. It is what your grandparents fought for. Embrace it. Stop being idiots. That goes for every hyphenate out there. This country has a slogan that goes: E Pluribus Unum. You know what that means? (Probably not.) It means From many, one or Out of many one. It is on most of the money and is also on the Great Seal of The United States. It is our motto. Politically “correct” fools would divide us into many little aggrieved groups, each grasping for their share of American. Guess what? America is for everyone, but it is not for a bunch of little whiny groups who don’t understand the concept of America. Instead of demanding special dorms that are painted and decorated to represent each tiny little “diverse” bunch of students, try working together as Americans for a change. You don’t understand this now, but one day you may. You are being manipulated by politicians for their benefit, not for yours.

  42. mtnman28709 says:

    40 years ago, this would have been racist and prompted rallies and marches in the streets. It’s still racist, unless they establish a white-only dorm.

  43. ipso_facto says:

    Will there also be a prison wing to make them feel at home?

  44. Dusty Rhodes says:

    We’ve come full circle – we’re back to segregated dorms.

  45. Wiley Thruster says:

    How will anyone get some sleep with the Theme from Shaft constantly playing?

  46. Diversity: Failure to assimilate, or selective segregation. This is ‘progress’? If they want to remain African then please return to Africa. So it’s OK for blacks and browns to feel more comfortable around their own ethnicity but whites doing so would be branded with every racist pejorative the PC Prog dogs could conjure up.

  47. Fed Up says:

    Hmmm, it’ll just become another dystopia normal people dare not venture into.

  48. seanster77 says:

    So that means to make them authentic the tenants will never pay the rent, it will be roach infested, and have a couple of pit bulls, but no furniture?

  49. Matthew B says:

    So, I guess these dorms will be run down, filled with loud hip hop “music”, guys with their pants sagging around their ankles, drugs, fights, foul language, abuse of women, and rampant shootings, right? Oh, and the residents will blame the administration for “forcing” them to live in these dorms, and will call the White students racists for not living in these dorms with them. That appears to be African – American “culture”.

  50. Bill Williams says:

    “Colored Only” drinking fountains too?

  51. Bubba Andies says:

    So what would be the most confusing holiday on the floor?
    Yep that would be “Fathers Day”!

  52. Pat Riot says:

    I’ve no idea what a Afro-themed dorm is, let alone a Science & Tech themed version.

    Just keep this simple.

    You want to become knowledgeable about business, take a class.

    You want to become knowledgeable medicine, take a class.

    You want to become knowledgeable about black culture, take a class.

    The dorms should strictly provide sleeping and residential quarters for students.

  53. laquantravion wilson says:

    whitey be pressin us. git dat reparashun money.
    muh dik

  54. Blacks used to have “safe spaces” a long time ago. But they went under a different name. They were called “plantations”. Hundreds of thousands died to end that…and now these morons are bringing it back in vogue…BRILLIANT!

  55. Greg Munson says:

    I’m confused, I thought discrimination on the basis of race is a federal crime? Could we perhaps engage a coalition of a white, an hispanic, a native american and an asian to bring a class action suit against USF for violation of Civil Rights laws?

  56. Jack says:

    This is what eventually results from a celebration of “multiculturalism” and such things as the Congressional Black Caucus and “Black History Month” and “Hispanic Culture Week” or a “black student union” or some other special marking out of one culture, race, or ethnicity over another. It doesn’t work, folks, because it fosters resentments, comparisons, and the inevitable tendency of us all to think of ourselves as superior to, or more worthy of appreciation than, others.

    We need to just shut up about race and never speak of it again. It does no good. Just quit.

  57. Herman says:

    George Wallace must be turning over in his gave. Maybe the South had it right 60 years ago.

  58. Huma's Weiner says:

    Everything is so racist these days, even the racist name callers are racists for demanding racist social justice reforms.

  59. Jabber Joe says:

    “In the video, an African-American woman is upset and gets physical with a white man about his dreadlocks.”

    So a black women assaults a white man, a racist assault, and the University responds by giving black students racially divided housing?

    Why was the black student not arrested for assault and/or a hate crime?

  60. Ian says:

    Funny the Black population want a safe place, but the video is a Black woman going after a White guy because of his dreads (not too safe for the White guy…but that’s ok right?). Newsflash sweetheart Dreads have been traced back to Spartans, to Hindus, to Aztec etc. Dreads are not exclusive to Blacks, or is this a case of Blacks performing cultural appropriation, and then not only appropriating it but then trying to say it is their’s and their’s alone.

    BLM need to realize that sure they matter but they matter in a diverse world not in a social vacuum which is what they are working towards. You can’t run around wanting everyone to leave you alone in your little safe zones and then figure when you pop out to the real world it will be the same.

  61. blancojoe says:

    I guarantee you those mud huts will last one semester in that climate.

  62. hughglass says:

    This is a great idea. They can eat boiled pygmy meat and on Saturday night they can burn witch doctors at the stake. Just like home in Africa.

  63. Justanaveragejoe says:

    George Wallace was right all along. Whites want to live with whites, blacks want to live with blacks and so forth. We are going back to segregation and the blacks are leading the way.

  64. Tracy says:

    I’d like for one of the 6% to sit down and without benefit of the internet or their parents write a two page report on their “culture”. yeah, blank pages.
    And if these were whites demanding the same thing they would be shamed and called racist. Racism is alive and well in the U. S. and the blacks are at least 50% of the racists.

  65. Kawten Pickler says:

    Diverse Unity, the Holy Grail of fanciful folly.

  66. Jack says:

    Leftists never capitalize White when writing about White people. They call other races by their proper name; Asian-American, African -American, Hispanic-American. It is a deep seated hatred and a dehumanizing intent when this is done. Just like using “white folks” and Black people.

  67. Xfctr says:

    It would take a person of a different color (hispanic, indian, white, asian, etc.) to sue for discrimination but I dont anticipate too many knocking down the doors to get in there. God speed jerks

  68. Floyd says:

    A Tutsi floor and Hutu floor with machete beheadings on the connecting stairways?
    A floor ruled by a dictator/student who confiscates everybody’s student loan money and uses it for his own desires?

  69. No African culture ever developed the wheel, a sail or an alphabet/written language.

    African “culture” seems to have hit a dead end about 50,000 years ago.

  70. Lukuj says:

    I assume there will also be an American Indian themed floor, a Chinese themed floor, a Filipino themed floor, an Irish themed floor, n Italian themed floor, a Polish themed floor, … If not , there is a discrimination lawsuit looming in the future. The students of other ethnicities will need their own safe spaces too!

  71. CoffeeandaSmoke says:

    Back to the Future of segregation.

  72. So there will be red light sections where you can have some loin, sections where you can score some blow and you can be raped, robbed, shot or killed in all? Sweet. I can feel the nation healing now.

  73. Marcus Tivoli says:

    Whites will be the primary beneficiaries of black segregation. We were only trying to help them by including them.

  74. Rufus says:

    Trying to understand how this advances diversity in practice. Getting to know people as neighbors is one way to help break down barriers and inaccurate assumptions. Segregation, even voluntary, works against that.

    It would seem that diversity really is more about redressing past wrongs than any educational or social benefit in this mold. So stop misrepresenting it.

  75. mulberryhill says:

    This is a completely serious question –
    What is the African-American culture? What does that culture consist of? If it is more than just being ‘black’ – what are the characteristics of the culture and what defines it?

    1. Jabber Joe says:

      According to Wikipedia: The distinct identity of African-American culture is rooted in the historical experience of the African-American people, including the Middle Passage.

      According to Jabber Joe: The distinct identity of African-American culture is rooted in the current and historical behavior and experience of African-American people, including prison, crack, fatherlessness, violence, crime, blaming anyone and everything except themselves for problems, rap music, silly fashions and domestic violence.

  76. Alejandro says:

    Will the dorm rooms have mud floors, thatched walls and rats running around all the bones on the floor ?

  77. Joe Mamma says:

    So they will punch holes in the wall, spray paint graffitti, have cars on blocks, drug dealers, pimps, ho’s, liquor stores and massive poverty for them in their ghetto themed dorm? We fought a civil war to end this, and the democrats have resisted this for decades. Now that its over the democrats want to bring back segregation? How racist can you get????

  78. rbblum says:

    So much for the words and deeds of the Honorable Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

  79. Jimmy Chonga says:

    And this is going to make the learning environment so much better . . . HOW?

  80. BillW334 says:

    Jim Crow meet Tyrone Blackbird.

    Everything old is new again.

  81. ounceoflogic says:

    Anyone please explain how this is not Racism. How this is not INequality. How this is not bigoted. And what if they designed White-centric dorm floors? And they wonder why they feel like outsiders?

  82. Willey Cyotye says:

    African-American culture not going to be racist or stereotypical? African-American is a joke since none of the people are from Africa but are black. African would imply they were from Africa which they are not. They are from Georga, New York, Ohio, etc, etc. I have a college friend who is white as a ghost and was born and lived in Africa and now a US citizen. Is he African American?

  83. DC says:

    Well hooray, 50 years after integration it’s nice to see that our social justice warriors can take us back to the past far quicker than any Trump supporter could ever dream

  84. Do not donate one dollar to any college that participates in such idiocy.

  85. …and there will be metal bars on the windows, metal detectors, vermin will roam freely, garbage will be collected quarterly (not weekly), etc., however EBT cards will be handed out to ALL African-looking people with at least $100 in food stamps according to however many illegitimate children they have…..just like home.

  86. Earl Keith says:

    I find it highly counterproductive that segregating yourself from the people you want to be accepted by and emphasizing your differences accomplishes much more than to cause further division. I don’t think most American’s are adverse to true African Culture. I do think they are adverse to the “in your face” thug culture that is foisted on us by the national “black” leadership.

    I have African friends. I have “black” friends. I’m Scottish and have Irish, German, French, and English friends. They are just as dismayed as I am at all of this nonsense.

    So much for the rabbit trail. I do believe that setting aside dorms for the African-American culture is not much more than the University cow-towing to a bunch of thugs and bullies all the time thinking they are doing some good. Read the story of the emperor’s clothes.

  87. … self imposed segregation no less. Amazing how f’d up the US has become in my lifetime. What a cluster. Bye Bye Unity- just like the power brokers need it to be to stay in power… United We Stand, Divided We FALL… and we all FALL.

  88. Jimmy Cliff says:

    It would be a heck of a lot more fun if the african themed floor was in Africa. It would be more appropriate to see long-gone American Indian themed floors.

  89. malice420dotcom says:

    it’s time we money starve these universities and shut them down

  90. Blossom Kraft says:

    What culture? Spears and voodoo…

  91. Stan Rothwell says:

    So in effect these black students @ SF State WANT segregation, correct? Is this their way of admitting that George Wallace and Lester Maddox were right after all, or what?

  92. Hank Rearden says:

    so a black woman confronts a white male…and the blacks need their own dorms? it..makes sense

  93. Gene Smith says:

    Will these afro-centric dorm areas have mud floors and a rancid stench as well?

  94. mal boy says:

    if the kids are taught to hate whitie i am happy. those blue eyed devils need to be hated. obama definitely hates them. we should all hate whitie. who cares about his scientific achievements?

  95. Blacks should be embarrassed by this

  96. All of you honestly tell me you wouldnt want segregation again

  97. Peter Parker says:

    I’d like to live on a Norse themed floor.

  98. sumday says:

    I’m betting if a frat party had an African themed party they would be fined and called racist, but an entire dorm being African themed would be acceptable?

  99. busseja says:

    Let’s call it the Plessy Ferguson Wing.

  100. Greg Dixon says:

    America’s free fall into the abyss continues. The good news is that it’s a long way to the bottom. The bad news is we are dramatically picking up speed.

  101. Awesome, self-segregation is exactly what it is. Southern Democrats riding around in white robes couldn’t have done it better than the liberals have.

  102. Buck Wheat says:

    Only ebonics will be allowed to be spoken there!

  103. guest says:

    Wouldn’t the appropriate enlace to launch afro themed dorms be in…..Africa?
    So segregation is currently en vogue?

  104. Rich001 says:

    I guess that means urine, trash and used needles in the halls. And pregnant black girls roaming the floors trying to figure out which of the black thugs is the father of her baby. And lots of illegal guns. Black culture is an oxymoron.

  105. Joe Campbell says:

    Only in the land of perverted fruits and nuts…

  106. Sutpen says:

    Democrats have at last begun to overcome the Civil Rights Movement and reinstate racial segregation — and convince black people it’s what they want!

  107. T. Schmitt says:

    These Perpetually Offended Students make the flower-children of the 60’s look like Navy SEALS.

  108. iodiner says:

    Aren’t they supposed to be Americans? What “culture” do they have? Why do dopey white lib administrators constantly cater to every whim of these people?

  109. iodiner says:

    I officially have black fatigue.

  110. iodiner says:

    There’s an entire continent across the ocean where they won’t be in the minority? Why don’t they go there?

  111. iodiner says:

    Segregation…..nice. Way to go, libs.

  112. It is called segregation. Separate but equal.

  113. jaz says:

    The Afro themed section of the bus, and Afro themed water fountains are next.

  114. jaz says:

    Schools shouldn’t be allowed to even know the race of the students they enroll. Acceptance simply on scholastic merit. I could make a crack about how there wouldn’t be an Afro-themed problem anymore, but a few deserving kids would still get in.

  115. Letongqua says:

    Schools have become nothing but daycare centers for illegal alien puke swine, apes and white trash. None of them have any business being in college. But thanks to the “trophies for everyone” society and affirmative action these fools get free rides for their little daycare.

  116. Kurt Frommd says:

    What’s next? A Muslim-themed floor? How about a special floor for Jews and than one for Italian-Americans. Let’ not forget a Spanish-themed floor… segregation complete.

  117. “…and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” ~ George Wallace, Democrat

  118. Count Yob says:

    Nice of the black students to self-segregate. It will contribute to safer and more pleasant spaces in the nonblack dorms.

  119. Pepe Jaspom says:

    It is better for the white women who will now know where to go when they need their cocaine and big black co ck fix. Or if they just want to get passed around like a used con dom.

  120. hurpmcdurp says:

    lmao “culture”

    So once they burn it down, how they gonna blame the majorities?

  121. charles says:

    Here, we go again, back to the bad old day of Jim Crow, as in racial segregation Racial segregation is the separation, either by law or by action, of people of different races in all manner of daily activities, such as education, housing, and the use of public facilities. Thus, it is a form of institutional racism.

  122. The state segregated, then de-segregated, now is re-segregating all with taxpayor money. Maybe this should be voted on in the state senate, or by proposition. I thought segregation with tax money was illegal, oh but they say, anyone can go there, really, I dont believe it. The SF state episode regarding white guy with dreadlocks was completely staged, not even real.

  123. laquantravion wilson says:

    kill dem whitey azz crkkkkaz they beez rassist