VALLEJO (KPIX) — Call it a “bra”zen show of support for Hillary Clinton by a Vallejo couple with a broad sense of humor.

When Thom and Honore McIlhatten decided to offer support to Hillary Clinton, they did it in a big and very public way.

They commissioned a local artist with Burning Man experience to create a combination art-installation/yard sign in the form of a red-white-and-blue brassiere with the words “We Support Hillary” above the cups.

“Oh, the pun is totally intended,” Thom assured KPIX 5.

The couple had seen a smaller version of the sign in Arizona during the primary.

“It did turn out larger than we expected,” Honore said. “It did become more of a photo booth, in case you wanted to come up here and have your photo taken in it.”

Hillary Clinton Yard Sign Shaped as Bra

Thom and Honore McIlhatten of Vallejo admire their yard sign supporting Hillary Clinton. (CBS)

Made out of PVC pipe and chicken wire, the sign is meant to fill a void of humor in what has been a pretty tense political season.

“I think when we stop laughing at ourselves we’re in real trouble,” Thom says.

They wanted to make a big statement without creating a confrontation and, so far, reaction to the sign has been positive — especially from the neighbors, who say “Bra”vo! to living next door to such a fun couple.

One of those neighbors, Genevieve McQuilling, told KPIX, “We love living in a neighborhood with no HOA — where we’re all free to do what we want to do!”

The McIlhattens are serious in their support for Hillary Clinton and offer a united front in wanting to see the first woman elected president.

Meanwhile, they’re plenty happy to bust out the puns.

Comments (3)
  1. david larkin says:

    looks like prison garb to me

  2. MP says:

    This type of idiot behavior of Clinton supporters and Trump bashers is precisely why I switched from undecided to Trump side.
    By the way, the anti-Trump/pro Shrillary bias on KCBS is on full display daily. Also, Dave Ross needs to have his head examined. The guy stopped making any sense years ago.