SUNNYVALE (CBS SF) – Attorney General Kamala Harris urged Yahoo users to change passwords and to secure their accounts, saying at least six million California users may have had their personal information exposed in a massive hack.

Harris’ office said compromised information may include passwords, names, dates of birth and phone numbers.

“Anyone who has ever had a Yahoo-related account, even if the account was created many years ago, should take steps to change passwords and security questions,” the Attorney General’s Office said in a written statement Thursday.

Officials provided the following tips:

  • Do not use the same passwords over and over again.
  • Change passwords periodically.
  • Always use different passwords for different accounts.
  • Passwords should be a minimum of eight characters, with letters, numbers and symbols mixed in.
  • Never use information you post on social media as passwords, such as children’s names, pet names, schools and favorite songs.

The Attorney General’s office also suggested using a password manager to keep track of all passwords and to use two-factor authentication where available.

Last week, the Sunnyvale-based internet company confirmed hackers stole personal information from at least 500 million accounts. The hack is believed to be the largest breach involving an email provider.

The company has blamed the attack on a “state-sponsored actor” working on behalf of a foreign government.

Yahoo is currently in the midst of a $4.8 billion sale to Verizon. The deal is expected to close early next year.


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