SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — A San Francisco deli owner says disturbing images of heroin use, and homelessness in broad daylight have him so fed up, he’s challenging the mayor to do something about it using his social media page.

The homeless are turning San Francisco’s sidewalks into their base camps, but some are shooting up in broad daylight.

Some users don’t even realize they’re on camera. Others couldn’t care less.

“It’s on the side of absurdity that it’s just ignored,” deli owner Adam Mesnick said.

Mesnick has been shooting the pictures of what he calls neighborhood decay outside his deli in SoMa, and is sick of seeing needles on the streets nearby.

So, he decided to tag the mayor in every picture he posted to Twitter.

“The idea behind tagging the mayor was to get attention from the government in regards of the state of the streets,” Mesnick said.

“I haven’t seen the pictures, but I understand why they would try to send me a message to document, they’re trying to say can we do something more, better,” San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said.

Posting the pictures to social media has not acted as any kind of a deterrent, and Lee says he can’t force anyone into a shelter or to leave the street unless they want to.

“I don’t think we have the answer. I don’t think society as a whole knows what that answer is,” Lee said.

Lee did say more navigation centers are part of his plan to get people off the streets.

Mesnick wants more than that. He wants the city to let small business owners know their voice is being heard.

“As a resident, as a business owner, you can only tolerate so many complaints. It’s not a place I’d take my niece or my mom. We deserve better,” Mesnick said.

Comments (4)
  1. This mayor needs to be replaced; it’s him who doesn’t have answers.

  2. If you are one of the thousands of San Francisco residents who have called in to 311 or SFPD to complain about the human waste, discarded needles, garbage, crime, or unsightliness associated with tent encampments, then we have good news for you. The Saint Francis Homelessness Challenge is currently piloting a common-sense and humane strategy to decrease the major pain points associated with the City’s approximately 80-100 identified tent encampments.

    The underlying theory to this approach is that by increasing our accountability to unhoused residents living on the street through the provision of necessary services, we can also increase the accountability of encampment residents to their neighbors, local businesses, SFPD, and the DPW. Learn more at

  3. Sparafucile says:

    “Lee says he can’t force anyone into a shelter or to leave the street unless they want to.”

    Wrong!!! What a freaking spineless jackhole!

    Your Dishonor: you can do any of these things:

    1) Enforce the Sit/Lie law that’s on the books in SF.
    2) Enforce the “creating a public nuisance” codes.
    3) Enforce the State of CA health codes.
    4) Enforce the SF building codes.
    5) Enforce the codes covering public intoxication.

    Shall I go on, you useless turd?