FREMONT (KCBS) — City leaders in Fremont are ecstatic over Tesla’s plans to nearly double the size of its auto manufacturing plant just off Interstate 880.

The city’s mayor says it would bring millions into the local economy.

Tesla is asking the city to approve a plan to add 11 new buildings to its already massive auto manufacturing complex.

The all-electric car company wants to add over 4.5 million square feet and create 3,100 jobs.

The existing plant has 5.3 million square feet of space and employs 6,200 people.

“We’re tremendously excited,” says Mayor Bill Harris. He says Tesla contributes billions of dollars to the city through taxes already.

“We use additional revenues, we got to add police, we were able to open up a fire station, add police officers, and include investing in our roads and infrastructure.”

The plan to expand the plant would eliminate hundreds of employee parking spaces. The company says it hopes to utilize a new BART station opening soon.

“One of the many unique features about the Tesla auto plant is once the BART station opens it will be the only auto plant in the United States adjacent to mass rail transit.”

Tesla hopes to build 500,000 electric cars a year in the expanded facility.


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