SAN JOSE (KPIX 5) – One of two women who reported being sexually assaulted by a San Jose State University student last month said she was texting for help during the attack.

The alleged attacks happened at an off-campus party Labor Day weekend.

The student told the Mercury News she was trapped inside a pitch black bedroom, thrown down and attacked. She texted for help until she was able to escape.

According to the newspaper, she met the freshman water polo player that night for the first time, and he lured her inside the house.

“He kept forcing me to do stuff, over and over again,” the alleged victim said. “I kept telling him, ‘I have no idea who you are. I’m not going to do this to you.'”

Students on campus only learned of the case this week, which has raised questions about the university’s response.

“I felt like it should have been something that they should have informed us about when it happened, in the moment, not almost a month after it happened.” Student Anayeli Gomez told KPIX 5.

“They should have let us know when it happened, because what if it would have happened to another person,” said Hennessey Hernandez, another SJSU student.

A third student, Isela Olague, told KPIX 5, “That’s why people are scared to come out and say something, because the guy gets no punishment.”

The suspect, an international student, has not been formally identified or charged with a crime and has apparently left the country.

San Jose State sent out its first message to students Wednesday, stating that the international student was placed on temporary suspension, barred from campus and ordered to stay away from victims.

“The totality of information available at the time – including the fact that the suspect had been identified and was being closely monitored – led to the determination that there was no imminent safety threat,” said SJSU president Mary Papazian.

That’s not good enough for some students, who say now they are extra alert.

“You have to be careful with who you hang out with now and who you can trust while you’re out,” Gomez said.

Two weeks after the first alleged victim came forward, a second student reported she was also attacked by the suspect in a similar way.

The District Attorney’s office is investigating and the school says it is reviewing protocols for how it handles such cases.

Comments (2)
  1. tn says:

    SFSU’s response is just jibber-jabber. Until another campus incident occurs, where two mutually exclusive rapes are committed by the same (not publicized) suspect, the school is probably afraid to act or confront this dangerous and escalating horror. It’s kind of how our society works. It works (or is stymied) on fear of being sued for doing this or doing that, or saying this and that, and justifies it by saying it’ll cause unnecessary mass fear (and overburden our infrastructure). Sadly, until another rape or death occurs and more attention and money enters the picture, most public organization board members keep their heads in the sand and think about what to wear to the next university fundraiser or party.

  2. Eddy says:

    This incident sounds like another made-up story by some lady who wants attention that she never got from her parents. When is the media going to stop covering these tales of fantasy and cover real news events that people actually care about?