KCBS_740TREASURE ISLAND (KCBS) — When the storm blew in Saturday over the Treasure Island Music Festival, it shut down the pier with a ferris wheel and cut the lights on the silent disco.

Two musical acts canceled performances while others had to cut theirs short. One act claimed the show’s producers said it was unsafe to perform, another act said there weren’t enough safety measures in place to go on. Some acts arrived three hours late due to weather delays, and that just had a domino effect on the rest of the bill.

Meanwhile, social media was abuzz with complaints there wasn’t enough shelter, that the festival was not prepared for the weather, and that people were hiding out in port-a-potties by Sunday morning.

Concert organizers were issuing an apology for weather related technical issues, but not offering refunds.

Things were better once the storm eased up, with the pier open, and the ferris wheel operating, but fewer people showed up.