SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – If you are out and about on Halloween night in the Bay Area, you’ll likely run into more than a few people dressed as comic book super-villainess Harley Quinn.

Google Trends, using a survey of popular search terms users type in while looking for costumes to track geographical favorites, has discovered for the Bay Area and much of the country the Harley Quinn character that appeared in the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie is the top favorite this year.

Sorry Hillary and Donald.

Other Bay Area favorites are the Joker, any other superhero, a witch and Wonder Woman.

Also notably absent is a clown. Several Bay Area schools have banned clowns outfits following the recent flurry of social media threats from those posing as clowns.

Target announced on Monday it was pulling some creepy clown masks from the shelves of many stores and online in the wake of the threats.

Joshua Thomas, a spokesperson for Target, said the national chain made the decision to pull the masks last week.

“Given the current environment, we have made the decision to remove a variety of clown masks from our assortment, both in stores and online,” Thomas said in an email statement to USA Today.

While the Harley Quinn had the highest popularity nationwide and in the California, there were other local top favorites, according to Google Trends.

In North Platte, Neb., for example, Optimus Prime was the top favorite. Catwoman reigned supreme in Steubenville, Ohio and two long-time favorites – Darth Vader and Popeye – were top among searches in Casper, Wyoming, and St. Joseph, Mo., respectively.