VALLEJO (CBS SF) — A disturbing viral video of a violent fight between two teens in Vallejo on was raising serious questions on Tuesday.

In the two days since it was posted on YouTube, the clip has more than 100,000 views.

In the video, two teenagers who have been identified as 15-year-old Holly Wrixon and 15-year-old Morgan Johnson are seen fighting in the driveway of a Vallejo home Sunday afternoon.

In the video, Wrixon is the blonde girl who, after exchanging words with the teen boy, appears to try and slap Johnson.

That’s when things escalate quickly. The teenage boy then grabs Wrixon and slams her to the ground.

The impact is so hard that it appears to completely disorient Wrixon and might even have briefly knocked her unconscious as her friends tend to her.

Johnson is also seen scuffling with another young woman who tried to intervene just before the body slam occurred.

While the video is upsetting and difficult to watch, the violence is not all that surprising to Vallejo resident Ronald Hedge.

“It’s so bad. It’s so evil right now that it’s hard to make a call on something like that,” said Hedge. “It’s just so ugly, but living here, I see it every day.”

After being slammed onto the ground, Wrixon appears to have a hard time getting up. As she tried to sit up, it seems she might be having a seizure.

Wrixon was taken to a local hospital, but KPIX 5 was not able to learn her current condition.

The clip has generated quite a discussion online. Some YouTube comments have called Holly the aggressor in this case while others see her as a victim of abuse.

According to reports, Vallejo police were called to the scene during the incident, but authorities had not confirmed that there was an ongoing investigation into the fight as of early Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Mike says:

    This is an awesome video. Wish they should show more of these. It is so entertaining and a great break from my boring job. Just sipping a Monster energy drink and eating some KFC and rewatching this great a ss kicking.

      1. Dobber says:

        What is boring about this video? It is great.

    1. She attacked, he defended himself… why isn’t she being charged with assult?

  2. This is what a steady diet of violent video games and Mixed Martial Arts pay-per-view (MMA) will do to so many white males. Girl, you’re lucky you found out early…if you had gone steady or worse, married this creep, you might be dead now.

    1. John Jacob says:

      thanks for checking in self-loathing, eurotrash cuck

  3. Patrick Jones says:

    This is what happens when you give women rights and the idea that they can take on the world….they get taken down quickly by a bigger guy.

  4. I hate to say it, but she attacked him. Ladies- if you want to act like a man, then don’t get butthurt when you are treated like one.

    1. Men and women are different. They have different heights, weights , muscle mass and bone density. Men should be more gentle with women precisely because they are weaker… I don’t blame this 15 year old boy for acting this way, i blame feminists and society constantly telling him men and women are the same.

  5. Josh McP says:

    This is what equal rights looks like. A vagina doesn’t give you the right to assault people with impunity.

  6. So a girl physically attacks a boy, he defends himself, and he is ostracised. Equality girls – if you don’t want to be hit, then don’t hit. Simple really.

  7. Asillio says:

    Don’t hit someone unless you’re prepared to be hit back. That’s life. It’s sickening that these “reporters” are trying to play off like she’s the victim… Get real.

  8. She had plenty of opportunities to not get body slammed, instead she tried kicking and punching a guy twice her size.

    What did you want?

  9. Tony S says:

    Being a girl doesn’t give you the right to attack someone on their own property, and they can’t defend themselves. He doesn’t strike her or continue to attack her. He drops her and walks away.

  10. Alex H says:

    Three women assault this guy and you ‘journalists’ make out he is the bad guy. Get a grip.

  11. sweetsorrow says:

    This is what happens when women(overgrown babies) have rights. Recipe for disaster. Keep these animals locked up already.

  12. John R says:

    The media just loves, loves to portray women in constant victimhood. “A woman can do no wrong” is their motto. Men are supposed to just take the abuse and a beating because society does not value a man’s feelings, safety, or life. Men are disposable. Well congratulations on this man who had the courage to fight back. Your news organization is overrun by radical feminist idealogues and you should seriously reconsider your staff if this kind of overt bias against men makes the pages of your news.

  13. Would this be even on the news if it was two men of similar build??? The girl was first to be physical and without defending himself the guy can be seriously injured.

    This is sensationalist news, the girl started it all and paid the consequences. If anything the charges should be filed against the girl, the guy was only defending himself. He walked away after the attacker was disabled with minimal force, didnt keep hitting and walked away even after other attackers came to attack.

  14. rodrigogirao says:

    She attacked him, he defended himself. End of story.

  15. alarimbaud says:

    Um, no. He didn’t body-slam her after a “profanity filled, VERBAL altercation” – he bodyslammed her after she PHYSICALLY attacked him. And even then when she was trying to slap/punch, he only grabbed her arms. It wasn’t until she tried to kick him, and he realized just holding her back wasn’t enough to end it, that he really fought back, and once she was disable, he stopped. What horrible, loaded introduction to that news segment.

    If you hit someone, don’t be surprised if they hit back to defend themselves. More importantly, don’t hit people. It’s ridiculous that anyone would claim she’s a victim… if anyone’s a victim, he’s a victim. He was attacked by 3 people, and never laid a finger on any of them until they attacked (never laid a finger on one of them at all), and then created distance/got away… if anyone’s a victim, it’s him. Not his fault he’s stronger – being stronger doesn’t make it right to expect someone to take a beating.

  16. Appalled says:

    He asked her numerous times to leave before she attacked him. We see the others girls attack him as well. We hear the one trying to get other people off camera to attack him also before we see her hitting him again behind the truck. At the end we hear him asking her to stop hitting him.

  17. Note to all men… you have the right to defend yourself.

  18. Same women screaming they are equal to men turn around and say a man should never hit a woman. Meanwhile they are also inviting men into women’s bathrooms as “Gender is a choice”. So which is it? You want respect because you are a woman or you want equality?

    You want equality? You got it. She hit first. He defended himself.

    1. Why are you acting like all women think in a collective? Also , you seem to dislike all of the “equality” lies and yet you then defend this boy for treating the woman equally? Don’t buy into the feminist narrative that women should be treated exactly the same as men.

  19. I am not about to sit on here and say he was wrong,because he was NOT. Let me say it again HE WAS NOT WRONG! Ladies, your problem in this world is you think you can jaw jack, emasculate and put your hands on these men and they are going to let you…. NOT Some of these men are going to crack open and can of whoop ass and do just that, whoop your ass. Don’t like what I said, too bad cause I don’t care.

  20. Mike Dane says:

    I am reminded of the saying “Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin'”. Also “Keep your
    hands to yourself”.

  21. I’m a girl and I side with the boys. Sorry. But she made it a point to publicly embarrass him as much as she could, put him in a position he was unable to walk away from so he used a simple, classic wrestling move (taught in high school wrestling class) and then walked away! You can clearly see he never wished to fight at all. Real ladies don’t act like this!

  22. The violent little brat should be arrested, charged with assault and in the court the judge should commend the guy for his self-restraint. She deserved a whole lot worse and I hope she goes to prison.

    As for the guy, he has done men a favour. One by one these little monsters are being taught that just because they have two tits and a fanny, it doesn’t give them the right to go around attacking men with impunity.

    I am also impressed with the women on here who are siding with the guys. That proves that not all women are entitled little brats. Some of them actually do have decency and a sense of fair play. Well done to you.