KCBS_740 SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Wednesday night is the third presidential debate – the candidates’ final chance on a national stage to bring the dwindling group of undecided or wavering voters into their camp.

Here in the Bay Area, that group of voters is quickly shrinking.

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More than 90-percent of Americans have made up their minds whether to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or a third-party candidate, but there are still some voters out there who just can’t decide.

The polls say about five percent of Americans are still undecided.

Out of 75 Bay Area voters questioned, only three were undecided, which is 4 percent.

All three were white men who might normally vote for the Republican, Trump, but can’t bring themselves to support Clinton.

Some say they can’t vote for either one.

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“She’s a liar, and he’s nuts,” one undecided voter told KCBS.

But, in Palo Alto, one woman doesn’t understand the conundrum.

“I’m hard-pressed to understand how one can be undecided at this stage of the game,” she said.

But, this one says the undecided are easy to pigeonhole.

“There are Republicans who can’t bring themselves to vote for Trump,” she said.

Sonoma State University Political Scientist David McCuan says that’s exactly right, and it’s not likely tonight’s debate will really move them one way or the other.

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“It should just cement, if you will, where people are at in most cases, and the number of actually undecided voters is dwindling in most states, most notably in California, but also across the nation in places like Ohio and Florida,” McCuan said.