By Juliette Goodrich

WINDSOR (CBS SF) — Students arrived at a Bay Area elementary school for Spanish-language children Monday morning to find it vandalized with anti-immigrant messages, echoing one of Donald Trump’s key campaign promises.

The racially- and politically-charged graffiti attack happened at the Cali Calmecac Language Academy in Windsor.

In addition to several walls, a door and even a garbage can that simply had the name “Trump 2016” spray painted on them, one wall bore the message “Build The Wall Higher,” referring to the Republican presidential candidate’s promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

While the custodial staff tried to clean up and paint over the graffiti before students saw it, but they weren’t able to finish the job before children started arriving.

Teachers and administrators were shocked at the discovery. Principal Jeanne Acuña was outraged by the bold attack

“Unfortunately the graffiti was rather racist in nature,” said Acuña. They were very large, almost foot and a half tall letters.

Melissa Leonard and other parents were faced with having to answer their children’s questions about the vandalism, and – most importantly – the question, “Why?”

“I want to make sure she understands what’s going on. I’m sure I will talk to her about what happened at her school,” said Leonard, choking up as she spoke. “I’m angry. I’m sad.”

Leonard’s daughter is only five years old

75 percent of the kindergarten through 8th grade students at the school are Latino. The graffiti and its specific message affected many of them personally Monday.

“I know children are nervous about this. It is personal,” said Acuña. “And, whether this is a prank or not, it crosses lines where it creates a terrifying situation for small children.”

The school is hoping their surveillance cameras caught the vandal or vandals who committed the crime in the act.

“It’s a big shame. I don’t understand why they had to come to a kids school,” said Leonard. It’s not okay ”

The janitorial staff was able to clean up all of the graffiti before the end of the school day. Windsor police were investigating the incident and will be reviewing footage from the school surveillance camera.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to get in touch with authorities.


Juliette Goodrich

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  1. Christine Bauer says:

    Against children! Rotten pieces of trash!

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  2. George E. Hughes says:

    Thank you, Donald Trump, for bringing out the best in everyone, not, you cist sob!

  3. Realist says:

    Secure the border, deport when discovered, fine and jail employers and stop the anchor baby policy. It is that easy.

  4. Roger Shoaf says:

    So, did a racist vandal paint the graffiti? Or was it someone looking to make it seem like a Trump supporter went out to strike fear in small children?

    After all Clinton’s campaign workers paid folks to get into fights at Trump events.

  5. says:

    Charlie Rose butt raped me when I was 6

  6. Real American says:

    while graffiti is terrible and people who did it should be punished, none of the graffiti reported in this article contains any racist words or phrases.

  7. @Real American … lol right, yup “build the wall higher” not using racist words, therefore not racism? This is clearly a hate crime targeted at kids. Lol idiot….