KCBS_740A state that has seen two of the biggest mass shootings in America’s history is training some of its poll workers in how to deal with potential violence in a polling place.

Colorado has added components about how to deal with gunmen to poll worker training in Denver and Aurora.

“What we do as we’re leading up to any election is we try to prepare our election judges and poll workers that are going to be in the field for any type of emergency situation that may come up, and we added this year an online training module for various aspects of the election process, and decided to also deploy an active-shooter module as part of that online platform,” Amber McReynolds, Director of Elections for the City and County of Denver told KCBS.

McReynolds says the choice to add the training was made long before the current rhetoric about election rigging.

“I think any type of situation where potentially misinformation or confusion is created for the public, we have concerns. We did choose to do this particular type of training, and add it to our platform about a year and a half ago, before any of the nominees were known,” McReynolds said.

The department of elections has not received any threats for the 2016 election, but has in past years.

The training gives judges and poll workers tips on how to handle an active-shooter situation, and how to possibly defend themselves.


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