By Staff

(RADIO.COM) – In the final days leading up to the presidential election, the country seems as divided as it has ever been, and Oakland rapper G-Eazy has learned that first hand. He recently added a verse to a remix of YG and Nipsey Hussle’s “FDT” (which stands for “F— Donald Trump”), and he told before his recent set at We Can Survive that some fans would prefer that he keep his politics to himself.

“Man, ‘FDT’ is one of the most important records in hip-hop in the last decade or two. That kind of commentary on social issues, on political issues right now… the world is in flames right now in a lot of ways. It’s on the brink of chaos, all out. It’s scary times.”

He says that he was eager to jump on the track when given the opportunity, but there’s been backlash when he plays it live: “I always hear stories about a couple people in the crowd are getting frustrated and mad that I’m doing it, they don’t agree with me, so they just leave. I’m like, ‘OK, cool. Didn’t need you at my show!’”

He notes that he doesn’t think that speaking out about the election is for everyone though: “I’m not saying it’s everybody’s place to use it that way, if you’re not so inclined.”

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