DAVIS (CBS) — A Northern California town is grappling with a turkey population explosion.

Thanksgiving is weeks away but the city of Davis is overrun with turkeys. There are so many that city leaders want to send the wild birds packing.

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Wild turkeys are an everyday sight at the Rancho Yolo Senior Community.

“A few people who don’t like the turkeys, I’m not one of them… I love the turkeys,” says resident Greg Rayshel.

He and other residents say they’ve seen the flock grow each year.

“Just within the last couple months, there’s a female turkey that’s had a number of chicks,” says Ninette Lawrence. “I don’t care for them, they’re very, very messy — their droppings are everywhere”

Now the city is trying to deal with the growing number of complaints.

Still, many enjoy having the them around.

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“They’re wild and this is their home,” says Geri Gmahling. “I’m totally fine with them”

Ten years ago there were only about nine wild turkeys in Davis. Now there’s close to a hundred.

“We have this perfect little island for the turkeys, lots of food, lots of cover, “ says John McNerney, a wildlife resource specialist.

The city is trying to figure out how to reduce the flock. This week, the city council voted to adopt a new turkey management plan.

The plan includes using nets and cages to trap and relocate about half the birds. The city is also considering a ban on feeding the birds.

Nevertheless, Rayshel hopes the wild birds never go away.

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“They can come around, and run around, and have their fun.”