By Devin Fehely

ANTIOCH (KPIX 5) — Wild turkeys have taken over a neighborhood in Antioch, blocking streets and gobble-gobbling up attention.

We’ve heard all kinds of bizarre excuses for why kids are late to school, but here’s a new one – wild turkeys are taking over an entire neighborhood and blocking streets in Antioch.

Early morning surveillance cameras captured more than two dozen turkeys descending into an Antioch neighborhood, bold and fearless.

“Nothing scares them. Cars? Forget about it,” said Sam Altimari.

Parents dropping children at school were blocked and some got out and walked the last block. Even the school bus has to slow down.

School bus driver Olga Hurtado said, “They’re pretty at home. They’re very relaxed.”

Turkeys are found throughout California but a flock this large is unusual. Kids are delighted.

Omaid Maqsoudi walks past Turkeys every day, but says, “I never saw this many turkeys.”

Glen Taylor isn’t so delighted. It’s his cameras that recorded the trespassing turkeys as they munch through everyone’s yard leaving lots of little gifts all over the place.

Taylor said now he’s fed up with the turkeys.

“Right through the window. I had the screen, the window was open but the screen was there and right through the screen! Right into the bathroom.”

He said his dogs chased the turkey back outside.

Contra Costa Animal Control Services says there isn’t much that folks can do to deal with suburban turkeys.

Altimari said, “Everybody comes out and looks at them. The kids love them too. The kids like to watch them walk around.”

Depending on your point of view…they are either a novelty or nuisance.