BERKELEY (CBS SF) — Thousands of students walked out of several East Bay high schools Wednesday, protesting Republican Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

Students at Berkeley High, Bishop O’Dowd, Albany High and Oakland Tech all staged walkouts. Meanwhile, several hundred students staged a noontime rally at San Jose’s Lincoln High School and El Ceritto police sent out an alert at 1 p.m. asking drivers to be careful because walkouts were underway at several Contra Costa County schools.

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Bishop O’Dowd officials issued a statement saying students came to school today feeling frustrated and powerless after Tuesday night’s results.

“Many of our O’Dowd students came to school this morning feeling frustrated, confused and powerless,” the statement read. “Administrators discussed prior to school starting this morning our responsibility to provide safe spaces in classrooms for students to process their thoughts and emotions, adhering to principles of civility and mutual respect.”

“We advised teachers to allow students, regardless of viewpoint, to name their feelings, claim those feelings, and for teachers to validate our students’ perspectives and feelings.”

Meanwhile, Berkeley Unified School District spokesman Charles Burress said about 1,500 Berkeley High School students participated in their protest that began around 8:20 a.m., just as classes were getting underway at the school at 1980 Allston Way.

Students then gathered outside the school, taking turns to speak on microphone.

Burress estimated about half the school’s students were participating. Classes, however, were still being held for students wishing to attend.

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“Donald Trump may be president, but we are going to make sure that this man, that he is going to prioritize the well being of the people, so please join us in this fight,” an unidentified student said during the protest, addressing the large crowd.

“He wants us to turn against each other,” another female student said to the crowd as she held back tears. “I just want to emphasize that as young people it’s our job to continue to fight like our parents fought for us.”

Burress said the students have been very focused and respectful of each other and the situation.

“The district prefers that its students are in class and participating,” Burress said. “However, we do understand their concern and we take it very seriously when they feel passionate about political issues. We’re doing everything we can to support them.”

The students then marched to the nearby University of California-Berkeley campus and were joined there by dozens of college students and 500 students from nearby Albany High.

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    1. zinnsand21 says:

      No one is as intolerant as a liberal whose beliefs aren’t shared.

  1. Sean Roberts says:

    Poor Snowflakes. Please don’t melt. Use this as a learning experience and return to your home countries, get in line and when you get here: assimilate. Don’t try to change the system or the people around you – worry about yourself. Try to succeed and wish success upon others around you. With this, YOU can win. Otherwise, you can be miserable and wallow in your own tears for the next 4 years.

    1. These little drones are just marching to the drumbeat of their lying leftwing teachers

    2. Larry Smith says:

      If I was them I would not be drawing attention to themselves…first to be deported! Especially anyone holding up any flag not ours!

    3. laxmom3 says:

      The poor little law-breakers know their sanctuary cities will no longer exist under a Trump administration and they’ll get shipped back to Mee-he-co. Good riddance, we taxpayers have suffered enough.

    4. Tom Menino says:

      Keep walking all the way back to Mexico, tykes.

    5. Well said Sean! These little idiots don’t know just how lucky they are or how much this will improve their lives. Rising tides raise all boats. I just hope that they will realize it before it’s too late. This election has shown a light on all the dark places and the rats are on the run. Hey kids ask yourself do I run or do I stop and see the light. Your move!

  2. Tell ’em to chill and go smoke a joint—it’s legal now.

  3. Jen Magnus says:

    Keep walking, its just 400 miles to the Mexican Border.

  4. they are parroting their parents.

  5. Mike Little says:

    idiots, what are they teaching punks in HS these days? No wonder they can’t read and write when they graduate.

  6. round them up and ship them and their flags and parents back to mexico

  7. What a shock! Precious snowflakes throw a temper tantrum when they don’t get there way. Who saw that coming?

  8. John Jameson says:

    Keep walking to Mexico.

    They have no credibility, all independent free thinking American who voted for and supported Donald J. Trump must uniformly boycott all cable news, including FOX… They willingly and gladly wanted to squat on usTrump voters). They must be finished off! Another thing must be done, we all need to become rino hunters. The left is organizing riots as we speak, PaulRyan,McCain, and all the usual suspects have it out for liberty seeking Americans. They should be rejected. The Republican Party gave no support to Trump, I put a sign downtown in western PA(otherwise nothing but citizen signs) GOP gave him no support. I believe the liberal globalist cabal is looking at assassination options. The Clintons still need investigated. The justice department needs fumigated… get the drift?

  9. Tony Mah says:

    Are walking all the way back across the border?

  10. justinjosey says:

    The first problem the students have is holding a Mexican flag up. We respect your heritage but that is no longer your flag dear girl. If you are here then the stars and stripes are your flag. Walking out of a class because of an election is not going to solve anything. Get in class, get your education and learn that America is not a democracy but a republic. We have a representative republic whose leaders are elected though a democratic process. The election was about government. Not people. The government has grown too invasive which children cannot grasp because they are taught the government is the answer instead of the problem. Hillary represented the status quo, business as usual. People are tired of business as usual. We want the government to go back to its place and get out of citizens lives. That is what the election was about. It was never about you or your heritage or your parents.

    1. Paull Cudak says:

      Seriously, why do we have to respect their heritage if they aren’t here LEGALLY or are CITIZENS. I do not respect someone just because, neither would I blatantly disrespect them. Respect is earned, even if it is heritage. This is AMERICA.

  11. This demonstrates the immaturity of these spoiled children. The didn’t get what they wanted, and fall to the ground , screaming ,yelling , and crying.
    If they wanted Hillary to win, they should have demonstrated actions , to go out and campaign , get out the vote, actions speak louder then words.
    Stop your insidious WAwa WAwa!!!!

  12. They were ok with democracy as long as it was their candidate being elected.

    Or more likely they just needed an excuse to skip class, just like some folks look for any excuse to loot and riot.

    1. Most fair-minded people would have to search pretty hard to find something to protest and skip school. The entitlement-minded leftists believe protesting everything under the sun is the norm and they have to search pretty hard to find a reason to go to class. Well, that’s ok we always need someone to mind the drive-thru…

  13. Next year half those students will be back in Mexico!

  14. Allen Clark says:

    Suspend them all for a couple months to teach them that they need understand the election process and accept it. Not go off and pout because you did not get your way.

  15. I would love to see a break down on how many students protesting were there illegally. Especially the one’s holding the mexican flag.

  16. Paull Cudak says:

    I think it’s about time we go back in time when it was OK to PADDLE, SPANK AKA School Corporal Punishment. OR Kick them out of school and if ILLEGAL, Back from whence they came!

  17. The first step to urban renewal is burning down your own neighborhood.

  18. Jim Gajewski says:

    all of these kids are illegals and need to be deported

  19. Sig Ma says:

    This is wonderful news! Just keep walking until you reach Mexico, and you can save Trump’s new deportation squad a lot of time and paperwork!

  20. Andrew Cuomo says:

    If any of those kids had decent parents the kids would be in class learning something so they would grow up to be useful to society instead of SJW retreads and a drag on our economy. Stupid liberals.

  21. Kids, find a safe space and I’ll come by with a doll and you can show me where the bad Donald hurt you.

  22. Translation: “East Bay High School Students Walk Out To Protest Trump Win”

    Illegal aliens and those that support lawlessness, walk out of school with the help of teachers and administrators.

  23. Hide in your safe spaces and stay out of our way as we fix Obama’s mess!

  24. Arrest them and or their parents for truancy. The lies of the left have to come with some responsibility for their actions. Don’t like the county, that door swings both ways.

  25. Bobby Jones says:

    We will be deporting your worthless third world garbage soon enough.

  26. Stacey Link says:

    I wonder how the schools would have reacted to a protest walkout if Clinton had won.

  27. Carl Edward says:

    Too bad they didn’t show this much Mexican pride when they lived in Mexico. If they had maybe Mexico would be a decent place and they wouldn’t have to come here for a good life. Look at the trade imbalance since NAFTA, instead of using that to build their country they let drug lords run it.

  28. John Dillon says:

    Nice Mexican flag. Take your ass back over the border please. I don’t want you in my country. You don’t deserve to live here if you don’t appreciate it.

  29. Edward Smith says:

    I saw this comment about the Clinton election party that was expected to celebrate her victory:

    “party ended like Carrie’s prom”

  30. John Smith says:

    From the pictures schools may have less students when Trump takes over.

  31. Harry Buskin says:

    These spoiled brats don’t know why they’re *students*. They are ignorant and are there to learn. Someone should tell them that, because they’re not in the real world. “Activist” is not a job description. “SIlly kid” is accurate, but damaging to their delicate psyches.

    Can’t have that. LIberals, indoctrinating the children, as Marx recommended,

    1. Actually, I think ‘Activist’ is a j/d for the left just like Hillary citing travelling over 800,000 miles as Sec of State as a job ‘accomplishment.’

  32. Let them go back to Mexico, hold their flag their and protest in Mexico. This is a result of Liberalism and the downfall of US Public Education.

  33. Tom Talburt says:

    What’s with the Mexican flag ??? This is the United States !!!


  34. Attending school at our expense. Teacher unions brainwashing at our expense. Handouts only breed contempt not appreciation. Sad but typical dem mindset.

  35. Waah waah 8 years of children running the country and now the adults are taking over.

  36. John Vance says:

    My, My, rather stupid aren’t they. they don’t have a clue.!!!

  37. Lulua Mahalo says:

    When you carry a Mexican flag around at an American high school, don’t expect America to support you…

    SOON, that will NOT be tolerated anymore. Either be for America and the American way or GET OUT!!!

  38. Mark Todd says:

    uhh, who cares what these little 8hits do. really. even college kids are too stupid to matter or pay any attention to.

  39. Indoctrinated kids with no idea what they are protesting!

  40. Hilarious. The twit thinks Trump will divide. The misinformation campaign from the media was successful.

  41. Daniel Petry says:

    Bye bye sanctuary cities. eVerify. SSN verification, green cards mandatory.

  42. Great tell them to leave that free education and go pay for their own.

  43. James Pobog says:

    Students….who by definition don’t know a godam thing…


  45. Feel free to deny yourselves an education, don’t worry, other Americans that do go to school will get the good jobs.

  46. chuckyschmucky says:

    What would a Regressive protest of un-American filth be without whining, sniveling, diaper-soiled leftists looting, rioting, plundering and destroying?

  47. Carl Edward says:

    They should have insisted on Bernie Sanders as the dem candidate, who knows, he might have won, then they could have free college, now……?

  48. Tom Mccoy says:

    Deport them all.

    MS-13 wannabe’s

  49. Tom Mccoy says:


  50. They don’t like it? Go to Canada or Mexico or Africa where you belong.

  51. i want to see these protests once trump is president…then when ice shouts “immigration”, they’ll actually be afraid of being deported once again.

  52. I hope the extremely unfair and biased media accepts now is the time to “bind the wounds between us.” These children would not be so upset but for the fact that the msm harped ad nauseam on the president elect’s desire to enforce our immigration laws. Maybe then these children would choose to wave our flag instead!

  53. I’d laugh if half their arses got deported.

  54. Jim Byars says:

    Guess their safe spaces and liberal name calling must be coming to an end and they are going to lose it right in front of you. Wait until they can get their way and literally lay in the floor crying and stomping their feet.

  55. Next up, the students will hold their breath until they turn blue.

  56. Wow, they don’t have a clue. Clinton is the one that was trying (and it was working) to divide the people, she even said it herself before the election that it was her goal to take away the citizens rights to question government because government know what the people need better than they do

  57. Fred Nik says:

    Flunk ’em all, the brats.

  58. Mike Carroll says:

    When the world operates the way it should, students will understand that they need to get an education not engage in useless theatrics that gratify no one and only server to agitate themselves.

  59. People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  60. James Wong says:

    Let these public school students walk-out and protest permanently– The smarter, other students will learn more with smaller class sizes.

  61. Go back inside, recite The Pledge of Allegiance, and get to work

  62. Jim Moore says:

    Mexico is just a few Hundred miles south.

  63. Mark Boliek says:

    I know Trump’s not your president – Enrique Peña Nieto is.

  64. Little children in search of a safe zone…time to put your big boy pants on!

  65. I don’t think they understand……..World has changed and we are not putting up with it anymore!

  66. Kerr Puter says:

    I used to be like them, then I became an adult.

  67. Roger Jones says:

    A very teachable moment. Open your minds kids. Don’t believe the constant lies you hear from Democrat politicians and media. Your worldview is far from the only one, far from perfect and just might be much more dysfunctional than the folks that voted for Trump.

  68. Give them a ZERO for the day………… Let them learn about statistics, civics and the consequences of poor choices.

  69. Mark Hvasta says:

    There’s a new Sheriff in town…comprende?

  70. You can bet that there are a few faculty members in that high school who stirred this up.

  71. What a show of immaturity…using disappointment as an excuse for fostering lack of education. These students are doomed to a self-imposed failure.

  72. Did they get their participation ribbons?

  73. James Bizzo says:

    You’re right. He’s not your president, you’re probably illegal anyway.

  74. ROFL

    Too funny.

    Can I assume that the Department of Education will swoop into Berkeley to figure out how their school system has failed so utterly?

  75. Sounds to me like the so-called fighting parents of these whiny little brats…taught them to whine not fight!

  76. Pf Mahan says:

    Like I am sure they did not have an adult to guide them on their protest, I had a feeling it was illegal alien kids

  77. How cute. Their imitation of grownups is so precious. They marched out of school and showed that they protest… they protest the… well… what exactly are they protesting? The results of an election that the grownups held? Oh. Well anyway it’s still so adorable.

  78. Robert Blum says:

    Looking at the picture of the news account, something appears to be askew . . . American(?) protestors proudly presenting the flag of Mexico . . . Hmmmmm

  79. Liberals don’t appear very bright. They “protest” when things don’t go their way by hurting themselves. Here, skipping school or in black neighborhoods, burning them down.

  80. Andy Howe says:

    Whatever it takes to cut class, especially if the school and teachers are not going to do anything about it. If I were a business, I would want to know who decided to go to class instead; i.e. who cares more about their education than this worthless endeavor. Perhaps the only thing that surprises me about this is that the teachers did not walk out of class as well and then slowly disappear from the crowd for a paid vacation day.

  81. Habib Shabib says:

    Do the protesters not understand that the reason why Americans are fed up, is that we are tired of people demanding their “free stuff” while waving Mexican flags. If you’re not happy with the country you live in, perhaps you can go back to the one you came from?

  82. Jabber Joe says:

    Awwww the little snowflakes are upset, so they walk out on their edumacation, suck stupid little snowflakes, what is the goal, for them to get even stupider?

    1. Jabber Joe says:

      oooops ….. “such stupid little snowflakes …..”

  83. Jason Jones says:

    Aww the delicate little butthurt snowflakes. Dont worry, you will be able to walk out of school in mexico before long.

  84. Citizenship must be earned, not stolen!

  85. Good to see the teachers in SF have full control of their students. Unless of course they’re the ones leading the walkouts, which wouldn’t surprise me. Lefty Civics 101: when things don’t go your way, throw a tantrum to attract attention to your hopeless cause. Ya, these kids will be ready for the real world someday.

  86. Chas Youngs says:

    This kind of garbology is a direct reflection of LIBERAL teachers….THese bias, agenda driven fools are responsible for LiBERAL poisoning of or youths minds.

    They should be forced to teach a fair set of ideaology on both sides of the political spectrum.

  87. Chuck Blinn says:

    So the leftist ideology propaganda in government school ceases for a while. Is that a bad thing?

  88. Provide safe spaces to process their thoughts????? Come on people those students should be arrested for truancy.

  89. Time to teach some civics in school. Apparently, this is not done anymore.

  90. California. No big surprise there. Hey, Mexico…if cali becomes its own nation, you can invade it (more than you’ve already done) and take it back. No one will care.

  91. Jimmy Wong says:

    You lost. Get over it. Stick it out for 4 years and then get over it again.

  92. These are the baby snowflakes brought to you teacher’s union members.

  93. so students leave school, hmm their loss right? — more classroom for the students who care

  94. Ken Valley says:

    Well, let’s see what happens to MexiFornia, when sanctuary cities like Frisco have its funding dried up. What’s happening in our schools today is toxic and nothing than Communism and Fascism indoctrination by the liberal left. These Mexican punks will get their due, when they realize Trump’s win last night will hit them square in the face. America’s time is coming and these illegals will start to see the wrath of our Republic’s rules of law!

  95. These little ignorant twerps couldn’t even express anything at all of what Trump stands for. It’s really laughable.

    They’ve been hammered so much with Orwellian propaganda they’re no more than mentally conditioned lab rats.

  96. Drop a JDAM on those locations. Eradicate the liberal pandemic.

  97. tngilmer says:

    Time for Kalifornia to secede (please!).

  98. Wow, look at all of the Little SnowFlakes, and you said it doesn’t snow there.
    I guess they had better go find their Little Safe Spaces…….

    BTW. If you can’t handle it, Mexico will take you!
    The Drug Lords Love the Little Snow Flakes!

  99. Mary Bower says:

    Go ahead and sucede..All of your federal funding will stop..federal school grants etc. Hate see ya go..NOT!

  100. Fred Doe says:

    If you are an illegal, just keep on walking. The border is about 500 miles south of you.

  101. Fred Doe says:

    We are taking our country back.
    Now as a California patriot in exile, I WANT MY STATE BACK!

  102. Dan Klein says:

    There’s nothing more funny than a middle schooler or high schooler who thinks he knows anything about the world. I remember growing up in the 80’s and thinking Jessie Jackson was so cool. That’s how crazy teenagers are. They’re brought up in their little liberal cocoon with their liberal parents and liberal teachers coddling them. Then all they know how to do is call everyone who they don’t understand a racist. I’d say they need to get back into their classrooms so they can learn about our country’s founding fathers and founding principles and history, but I’m sure they’ve never been taught any of that. They’ve probably been fed a steady dose of hate America propaganda by the public school system since Kindergarten.

  103. That looks like an illegal occupying force that the US taxpayer is funding. Why are they here in the first place? Oh that’s right the feds refuse to enforce our immigration laws. This is why Trump won! Take that flag and shove it!

  104. How about some Safe Spaces for the US taxpayer who have been forced against their will to fund an illegal occupying force.

  105. Ultraliberal helicopter parents, singing Rockabye Baby to their 15 year olds. I looked up lunacy in the dictionary. It had a picture of SF liberals.

  106. skylerjim says:

    Sad pathetic little snowflakes, when things don’t go there way, they behave like immature little spoiled brats. That’s exactly why I switched my vote from Hilary to Trump at the last minute. I am sick of being told how to feel, what to do by celebs and the liberal media. Today I celebrate Trumps win and laugh at all these meltdowns occurring. I would never raise my children to behave like this.

  107. Haha. Look at those snowflakes looking for every reason to get out of work. I say we let California secede from the union and split into three different states — North Cali (and may the conservatives in that state migrate there), South Cali, and Aztlan (from the borders of Hollywood to the end of San Diego).

  108. I’m sorry, but why are high school students allowed to do this? Does the staff not have any control over the school? California is friggin’ whack.

  109. Cathy Lee says:

    Poor Losers. LIberals really need to learn to lose gracefully. No riots when Obama was elected tice. Get over it. Losers never win.

  110. No no, children. YOU are trying to turn people against each other. You’re refusal to believe that anything other than what you think is acceptable, this is what’s tearing us apart. You are always right, you will never always be right, America is not “My way or the highway.” We are a melting pot of a multitude of cultures. Start behaving like responsible people and perhaps others might listen to you.

    Trump has only said he would enforce the LAWS of this country. Well, immigration has laws too. If you come into this country illegally, why should you be treated better than anyone else? You broke the law. There is no standing country in this world that would allow an unlimited number of illegal people to reside in their country without repercussions. It’s not that we don’t want people here, it’s that we want them here legally, paying taxes and adhering to the laws of their home

  111. Fred Smith says:

    “students came to school this morning feeling frustrated, confused and powerless”

    They are high school students – they are supposed to be frustrated and confused.

    Thanks God they don’t have any power. They are 15-18 years old and they don’t have any power because they are teenagers.

  112. Gotta love the photo with the Mexican flag. Yeah, Mexico is so great… just don’t make us live there. lol

    Illegals: You are all going home. You are not above the law. The great country of Mexico doesn’t put up with illegals, why should the US?

  113. Phil Kammer says:

    Deport them flying a Mexican flag at High school?

  114. Clueless, brain dead morons….

  115. Students Do you want jobs after you finish your university? Or you want us, the population at large, to support you for life? Well have news for you we do not have any money. Trump will bring JOBS and you will have to WORK OGGHHH. WORK? Yes WORK!!!

  116. Sam Starfas says:

    Uh, well one reason some of these students should be deported is because they proudly display the Mexican flag. If they so love Mexico, maybe they should go back home. Or display the American flag if they love this country. If they hate this country so much, and wave the Mexican flag, that says that they should be deported so they can go back home to the country they really love.

  117. What good is it going to do to protest Trump’s win?
    It’s over and nothing is going to change it.
    The people of America have spoken.
    They wanted Donald Trump.
    Deal with it.
    Welcome to America.
    Now go back to class.

    George Vreeland Hill

  118. Criminals go home, to Mexico or wherever. In the kid’s defense they’re indoctrinated to lib propaganda all day at school and every time they pick up a newspaper or turn on the tv. So it’s entirely possible they drank the kool-aid, believed all the false stuff fabricated about Trump by Hillary (aka Satan incarnate) and her camp. That and/or kids with actual brains were afraid to opt out, or were told it was mandatory.

  119. This is an example why California school is in the toilet; They don’t teach, they indoctrinate the children into Obama’s drones.


  121. i would LOVE to wade into that crowd of racist hate mongers with a baseball bat.