SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – After it became clear that Donald Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, those frustrated with the result suggested California should secede.

Californians and others talked about the Golden State leaving the United States with the hashtag #Calexit, a play on the similarly stunning Brexit vote that the United Kingdom took to leave the European Union earlier this year.

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On the campaign trail, Trump touted in the closing days of his campaign that his election would be “Brexit-plus-plus-plus” or “Brexit times 50.”

#Calexit and another related hashtag, #Caleavefornia, were trending as of Wednesday morning.

Voters in nearby Oregon and Washington, which also went for Clinton, pledged their support. Some even called for the entire west coast to secede.

Calls for #Calexit led to frustrated voters in other states to make similar calls to secede, using similar hashtags such as #NYExit and #Texit.

In Silicon Valley, where Clinton enjoyed widespread support, venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar said he would financially back a campaign for California to become its own nation.

Meanwhile, others expressed their doubts of California becoming an independent country:

The Yes California Independence Campaign planned to hold a meetup on the steps of the State Capitol in Sacramento on Wednesday, touting a measure for the 2018 ballot “that would call for a special election for Californians to vote for or against the independence of California from the United States.”

Comments (27)
  1. doggeatdogg says:

    And then they would want to immigrate to the USA once California becomes Venezuela. Grow up. Those Silicon Valley snowflakes suggesting sedition will only want to become the ruling royalty while the rest of the working class peons can duke it out at $10 an hour if you are lucky. Gaga for secretary of state and the millionaires celebs will seat in congress caring so much and administering to the hordes coming from the south border. Once again, grown up.

  2. it, would be preferred if the criminals and traitors who voted for Clinton left for the socialist communist country of their choice.

  3. boozeprompt says:

    Haha socialist communist country. You realize those are two different things right?

    1. ussr: union of soviet socialist republic. their are three distinct forms of socialism, fascism, nazism, communism. socialism, requires the surrender of freedoms and human rights.

  4. California can’t afford to become its own country. Where are you going to get the money to support all those folks on welfare? Medicare? Where are you going to find jobs for all those out of work? What about all the homeless? If you actually know how to take care of these needs, that’s what you should be doing instead of talking about trying to exit the union.

    1. what makes you, think californians or clinton cult worshipers are interested in facts?

  5. dont forget about power and water, all that is controlled by AZ!

    1. and highly unlikely to get, any foreign aid from the usa.

  6. Erik Myers says:

    I recall that when Obama won, some in Texas called for secession and were told to stop being sore losers and a bunch of cry babies. Well, stop being a bunch of sore losers and a bunch of cry babies.

  7. No, it’s an act of empowerment.

    1. and so totally un-american, there are lots of non usa countries they can go to live. with no guarantee that any decent country would want, that many crybabies.

      1. No, it is not empowering for crybabies; it’s only empowering if we find ourselves in a situation in which there is no other way to protect civil liberties, protect the environment, provide healthcare, etc. I prefer to stay and fight for what I believe in.

  8. we, only agreed to give trump four years to see what he does. we disagreed, to give hillary four years for what she has already done.

  9. Go ahead. Quit the union. BTW that also means quitting the federal tit.