BANGOR, Maine (AP) — The bitter defeat in the presidential race has many supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton shell-shocked in Maine.

Among them is Stephen King.

King, the best-selling author, tweeted early Wednesday that he’s going offline, saying there will be “No more book recommendations, politics, or amusing dog pictures for the immediate future. I’m shutting down.”

Before the election, King criticized Republican Donald Trump, and on Election Day he described the presidential race as “the ugliest election in living memory.”

Clinton conceded defeat early Wednesday and congratulated Trump.

Mainers split their electoral votes: Clinton won the statewide vote, collecting three electoral votes, but Trump won in the 2nd Congressional District, collecting one electoral vote.

Comments (4)
  1. Foster Patch says:

    Long standing favorite author, read literally of King’s books.
    Just gonna say this is okay, because Twitter sucks!

  2. Jon Galt says:

    Really sad, I always enjoyed King, but had really gotten tired of the political garbage he inserted into his work more and more. There was a time I bought anything he released the moment it appeared on shelves, now, I don’t even really notice. I did purchase his new book of short stories recently, but it was not like the older stuff.

    When will these self absorbed people realize we don’t care about their political views?

    To much other good stuff out there to really care that King is throwing a temper tantrum. Aren’t you a little old for throwing hissy fits Mr. King? I get college kids, they are just happy to protest anything, it’s like a “selfie” event, but a person in their late 70’s should be a little smarter.
    Throwing a fit because you didn’t get your way? Grow up Mr. King.